Owner Suffers Panic Attack - But Support Dog Runs To Rescue!

support dog

This is the moment a support dog cuddled up to his owner after he recognized she was having a panic attack.

Professional dog trainer Amber Oliver taught five-year-old support dog, Oakley, how to detect changes in her body temperature, breathing, and heart rate, which are all indications of a panic attack.

The footage was recorded at an airport which showed Amber appearing distressed. Once Oakley senses this he immediately sits up and tries to comfort her.

At the beginning of the video, Amber, from Massachusetts, is seen sitting down in the airport lobby of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky International Airport. While she appears fine, Oakley can tell something is not right with her.

As soon as she puts her heads in her face the intuitive dog springs into action and begins comforting Amber by rubbing against her legs and getting her attention.

Amber later explained how:

“Oakley helps me every single day. Oakley is always watching and paying attention to me making sure to help me whenever needed.”

support dog