Newlyweds Adopt Stray who Crashed Their Wedding

On July 2nd, family and friends were brought together to celebrate the marriage of Tamíris Muzini and Douglas Robert in Vila Velha, Brazil. However, the wedding was "crashed" by an unexpected guest. Caramelo de Jesus is just one of many million stray dogs within the country, according to the World Animal Protection.

Caramelo the stray

“Before the ceremony started, [the dog] entered the church and went straight upstairs, where he met the groom and guests,” Muzini detailed. Following him saying hi the wedding party, he headed back downstairs to greet the arriving guests by laying outside the front door. “He stayed there, just waiting for me to enter,” Muzini continued. “Everyone was delighted with him because he is very cute and was super comfortable there,” she said. When she walked down the aisle, Caramelo looked with the guests at the ceremony! 

Caramelo sleeps outside of the wedding

As it turns out, the sweet pup suffered from a broken foreleg. When the ceremony was over and the couple walked out the door, the pup jumped up to celebrate with the couple in adorable pictures. “When he greeted us at the end, he asked: ‘Take me home. Take me,'” Muzini said. He was officially adopted and became a member of the family shortly after the special day. 

Caramelo celebrates with the couple

Caramelo de Jesus was given his name because of his candy butterscotch color. His full name would include de Jesus “because, without a doubt, he was sent to us by God. It was surreal and inexplicable,” she said.

He has now lived with the couple for a month and has amassed over 17,000 followers on Instagram“One day he pees in the kitchen, another day he climbs on top of cars, then he steals grandma’s bread and runs away with it. But every day, he is sad when we go out to work. He welcomes us home with jumps, hugs and kisses when we return,” she said. 

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