Dog Recovers After Being Thrown Off A Bridge in North Carolina

Our friends at Our Companions Animal Rescue recently sent us the story of Gumball, a three year old Pitbull, who is currently receiving care at their facility after being thrown off of a bridge in North Carolina.

He suffered from brain damage following the incident and was brought to the rescue for treatment and care. He was fostered to a home, but does not interact well with other dogs. He arrived at Our Companions in May and is currently in recovery from many ailments including diabetes, pancreatitis, and skin lesions. 

Gumball lays down at the animal rescue center

Gumball currently weighs 40 pounds and is slowly making progress day by day.  At the rescue he has 47 acres with plenty of room to run. He is not a fan of going far from the center because he finally feels safe. Luckily, the volunteers are more than happy to play with Gumball, run with him, and shower him with love. 

Gumball recovers at the animal rescue center

Our Companions Animal Rescue helps dogs along the entire journey to finding a home. Whether they need a home until they are adopted, need medical/behavior issues addressed, or help getting to a point where they adoptable, the center will always care for the animal. The center has an awesome matchmaking service, which allows dogs to be matched with the perfect home. They take into account what would make the most ideal situation for the dog such as lifestyle and activity level. 

animal rescue center logo

We will continue to bring you updates on Gumball's recovery and his process to finding his forever home, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated!

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