A Magic Moment When This Paralyzed Pit Bull Got Up And Walked Again

Thor is a dog that was found paralyzed due to dragging his body around after looking for food for months! All those who passed him did not think we would last long, and even said he should be put down because he would never walk again. To their surprise, he did.

A rescue group decided to bring him into the vet to see if they could do something for him. The very first thing they did was nurse him back to health. Thor was able to get rehab on his hind legs and was even fitted for a doggy wheelchair. One day, Thor surprised everyone when he took his first steps all by himself! His story got the attention of a lady who wanted to adopt him. She immediately saw a special quality in him. He did not let her down. He continued to improve, grow in confidence, and be shown all the love he deserved. He can fully walk now and is always in high spirits. Thor can teach us a lot. Sometimes all we need is a little love.


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