What Makes Your Dog's Breed Special?

Regardless of the breed, we can all agree that we love our four-legged friends. From the cuddles and kisses that they give us, to the lack of personal space they understand, dogs are truly man's best friend.

With this in mind, we asked our Big Barker Community what makes their pup so special and we loved all the awesome responses. Check them out below!

Great Danes "The Apollo of Dogs"

Great Dane

Starting things off with the largest of the bunch are our slobbery, couch potatoes - Great Danes. Despite their impressive and daunting stature, they really are just big cuddly babies on the inside. They are also known for being great with children and always being up to play! Great Danes are susceptible to bloat, which is a condition in which there is a gas buildup in the dog's stomach. To help prevent this, it is recommended that you feed your Great Dane two or three smaller meals instead of one big meal each day. 

Labradors "The Family Dogs"


Known as America's Most Popular Dog Breed, it is easy to see why. This breed is full of love and kindness and are great for families with small children and other dogs. It is hard to find a lab that won't get along with everyone! If you are looking to get a lab, make sure they get plenty of exercise each day because they sure are filled with energy. This includes long walks and planned playtime. At the end of a long day of activities, they are the perfect dog to cuddle up with and watch a movie!

Border Collies "The Smarty Pants"

Border Collie

Border Collies are often regarded for incredible energy and athleticism, but do not for a second disregard their smarts. This working breed is incredibly intelligent and requires plenty of love and care. Border Collies are happiest when they have a job to perform, whether that is herding or obedience work. Be sure to give them plenty of attention and plenty of room to run around. They are very sweet dogs around those that they known, but can sometimes be hesitant around strangers, so be sure to introduce them in the proper environment to new things. 

Golden Doodles "The Charmers"

Golden Doodle

Golden Doodles are a very popular breed for first time dog owners because of their amazing temperament and ability to be gentle around children. If you spend anytime with a Golden Doodle, you will make a friend for life as they are incredibly loyal and loving dogs. Additionally, they are known to love the water! They will want to spend all day splashing around if they can.

German Shepherds "The Workhorse"

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are known as the ultimate worker because of their variety of jobs they do in everyday life. Loyalty, courageousness, agility, and intelligence all perfectly describe who they are at the core. They are the perfect breed to be trained and can perform any number of tasks with ease. They are incredibly loving to their family and steadfast in the protection of those they love. 

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