Meet Ella — an Official Good Dog! 🏅

We'd like to introduce you to our newest Good Dog Gold Medal winner, Ella. This award is presented to dogs who perform acts of kindness, bravery and loyalty.🏅 And, Ella is one very brave dog.

Sometimes brave acts happen out in the open for all to see. Other times, bravery goes unseen - like when it's needed in the face of loneliness, illness or despair. When it feels like there’s no logical reason to be brave.

Ella’s story is one of unseen bravery. In spite of horrific living conditions, severe neglect and no reason to hope – Ella pushed on. Through each day, she chose survival and never hardened herself. And when Brad, her reason to hope, finally arrived, her life changed forever. ❤️

Ella's spirit and Brad's generosity and kindness are so inspiring. We’re honored to share their story with you.

PS: For many who've suffered abuse, there is often lasting damage others can’t see. While Ella was so happy to receive her Big Barker bed, she couldn’t wear her gold medal – she was actually terrified of it. So, we commissioned a portrait from our friend, Mollee. You can check out her shop here🤗

By the way, if you want your dog to be cradled and supported by their bed like Ella is, check out our clinically proven and comfy Big Barker beds.


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