Puppy Gets a Second Chance Thanks to the Help of an Amazing Team

Life challenges us in unexpected ways and this could not be more true for Annie McHound, a adorable pup, who was found hiding in the corner of a family's backyard. She was just under three years old and was extremely emaciated. The family pulled her from the yard and placed her in a plastic tub while they called Stray Rescue of St. Louis. Chief Life Saving Officer at Stray Rescue of St. Louis, Donna Lochmann, said "She was in really bad shape when I got there. I really don’t think she would’ve lasted much longer." 

Annie McHound in a bin after being rescued

In addition to her emaciated state, she was also covered in fleas. Donna picked up the pup and brought her to the facility to begin treatment. She was given a thorough bath but the team found that she was not able to stand. To keep her comfortable, they gave her a warm blanket and a kennel to rest in. 

Annie rests in a blanket

She was given fluids, but her condition did not improve so she was sent to an emergency center to receive a blood transfusion. Annie returned to the facility and was put in an oxygen chamber to strengthen her lungs from the damage suffered from anemia. When she wasn't in her chamber, the dedicated team would take her outside to sit in the sun. “We wanted her to enjoy some fresh air,” Lochmann detailed. “And she really loved spending time with us out there.”

Annie lays in the oxygen chamber

Annie lays in the sun

Annie continued her road to recovery and was able to be moved out of the chamber and into an area in the shelter with other dogs. That’s when she finally started acting like a dog,” Lochmann said. “She started making friends with other dogs and absolutely loved playing with them.”

Watch her enjoying playtime below:


Annie McHound is now out of the clinic and has been placed in foster care. She has not been adopted yet, but she is doing extremely well in her recovery and will hopefully find a loving home soon. If you are interested in adopting Annie or any other dogs from the shelter, visit their website for more information. 

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