Senior Dog Finds New Home After Being Returned to Shelter

We often bring you stories of dogs living for months, even years in a shelter before they finally find a home. But not today! Netty, an adorable pit bull mix was adopted after just three days in an animal shelter in Philadelphia. All seemed like happily ever after until this summer when Netty was returned, after twelve years with a family. In their eyes, it was time to put down the fifteen year old dog.

“She was returned with a requested euthanasia,” said Maddie Bernstein, the manager of lifesaving at the Pennsylvania SPCA. Netty was having incontinence issues and the family refused to consider medication or other options. The shelter's medical team evaluated her and came to the conclusion that she still had life in her. “They started her on meds, and she did really well. She was starting to improve," Bernstein said. 

The picture of Netty posted on Facebook

It was time to find this adorable dog a new home, but they knew it would be a struggle, given her senior age. They posted on Facebook about her and detailed her story. "Netty is VERY low maintenance, and could live with dogs, cats and respectful kids. Can you please help us spread the word about this beautiful soul to get her out of the shelter and into a warm, cozy bed?" the post read.

Amy Kidd, a Veterinarian in West Chester, PA found the post and immediately reached out about Netty. “As soon as I saw her face, I was like okay, she’s the one that needs to come to my house,” said Kidd. She has six senior dogs that range from 12 to 16 years old. 

Netty at her new home

Amy and her husband have been adopting senior dogs for eight years. Many come to them with life expectancies of a few months, but end up living a year. “When they get to our house, it’s kind of a fountain of youth,” she said. “Our plan is to only take senior pets into our family, or animals that have problems, need medication and extra care.”

Netty and her family

The family went to pick up Netty and take her home. “She just settled in right away,” they said. “She knew she was home.” Netty quickly became a member of the family and now has her own giant teddy bear that she carries around 24/7.

Netty with her teddy bear

She is on medicine to control her incontinence and has begun treatment for her arthritis. “She is getting stronger and stronger, and it’s really fun to watch her personality come out.” Netty has been doing hydro therapy in the family pool and has made strides in her treatment. 

Netty in hyrdrotherapy

“She’s kind of a stubborn girl, and it’s pretty funny because she’s supposed to be this old lady that can’t walk,” Kidd added. “She is officially the queen bee of the house. She made her way all the way up the stairs by herself, no problem. She does that on a daily basis.”

“She has so much to offer, and we are so lucky to have her. I hope that other people are inspired by her story and give adult dogs a chance.”

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