Who Does Big Barker Donate Beds To?

Big Barker prides itself on helping dogs in need whenever possible. Every dog needs to know they’re special, loved and deeply appreciated. So we make it our business to give back in a big way to big dogs across America. We continuously work with Police Departments, Veterans, and Service Dog organizations to show our appreciation for these amazing hard-working dogs.

Check out some of our partnerships below:

Our Friends at The Guide Dog Foundation:

Radar the Guide Dog Foundation

We having been working with this amazing organization for many months, and most recently we donated a Big Barker Bed to Radar and his owner Anastasia! At the foundation, their mission is to provide guide dogs and training – free of charge – to people who were blind or visually impaired. Radar learned how to lead in a straight line, find and follow a clear path, maneuver around obstacles (both on the ground and overhead), stop at changes in elevation, such as curbs and stairs and how to be extremely well behaved when in public places. Radar and many other dogs like him are making a change in the lives of those that they serve and we love to support them in anyway possible. 

K9's Far and Wide:

K9 officer and dog celebrate a donated Big Barker

Big Barker has a long-standing tradition of donating beds to the hard-working dogs at Police departments around the country. From Lehigh Valley and Atlantic City to Harrisburg and Montgomery County, we are always looking for ways to assist these outstanding dogs. We work to give away as many beds as possible to these departments, sometimes totaling 10, 20, even 30 beds in one event! 

The Special Pups at Brandywine Valley SPCA:

Dogs at SPCA donation event

Beyond working dogs, Big Barker loves to sponsor some of the most vulnerable among us. These dogs are often coming from very harsh conditions and may spend years waiting to find a loving home and a new family. This is why we not only donate Big Barker Beds to help make the adoption center more comfortable and supportive, but also cover adoption fees for long-time residents to help move along the adoption process. 

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