What is Brave Barkers?

Big Barker has received thousands of stories from customers about how the Big Barker bed has changed the life, health, and mobility of their dog. It truly drives our core value of “helping dogs in need whenever possible." Over the years our founder, Eric Shannon, has sought ways to assist dogs in need beyond just the benefits of Big Barker bed.

What if there was a way to help dog owners who needed help covering costly medical expenses associated with joint and mobility issues? What if those dogs could receive life-altering surgeries or treatments and then go home to recover on a Big Barker bed?

Brave Barkers Logo

"Brave Barkers was founded to be a solution for loving pet owners with dogs who suffer from fixable joint or mobility issues with a good prognosis. Partnering with world class veterinary specialists who refer qualifying patients will hopefully lead to many comfortable dogs who will lead pain free lives!"

In essence, Brave Barkers pays for medical care and surgical procedures for dogs in need. This is funded from a portion of every Big Barker bed sale being put aside. Along with our partners at Veterinary Surgical Centers (VSC), patients who are sponsored receive full medical treatment including surgery, recovery care, and a Big Barker Bed. 

Brave Barkers have sponsored three dogs to date.

Ant was the first Brave Barker! Ant is a 2.5 year old FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency certified urban search and rescue dog who needed surgery on his front right elbow due to a cartilage issue.

Ant, the first Brave Barker

The second Brave Barker is a sweet pup by the name of Hawk! Hawk is a 5-year-old Dutch Shepherd. He works in the Delaware Prison System in both patrol and narcotics detection and was trained at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center. In late Fall 2021, he came up lame on his right hind leg. He was prescribed pain meds and rest, but that did not work. He went and saw a specialist in January 2022 and was given estimates for nearly $14,000 worth of diagnostics and arthroscopic intervention, and an MRI. Hawk is currently receiving treatment in the form of injections, and will hopefully not require surgery to repair the damage. 

Hawk, the second Brave Barker

Our most recent Brave Barker is an adorable dog named Edward! When he was rescued, he had an old fracture that had healed incorrectly and caused his leg to grow shorter than the other hind leg. He would likely need surgery on the leg by a specialist. He also has an old jaw fracture that healed on its own and this level of trauma would indicate that he had been hit by a car and left to heal on his own without any medical treatment.

Edward, the most recent Brave Barker

If you are interested in learning more about Brave Barkers, check out the Brave Barkers website to learn how you can help! 

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