Edward's Injuries and Foster Update: Brave Barkers

If you don't already know Edward, you're missing out! Edward is receiving medical treatment with Brave Barkers, a nonprofit that helps animals receive care for the joint conditions or ailments that are causing them pain.

Dr. Beth Mehaffey, owner of @Pennridge Animal Hospital and founder of @Harley's Haven animal rescue.

Dr. Mehaffey is giving us a complete summary of our newest @Brave Barkers friend, Edward.

'He has a couple of medical things that we are working up. He looks like he has an old jaw fracture.

His right hind leg looks like it has a huge abnormality. It looks like it was broken in two places, in both his Femur and in the lower part of his leg.

His leg is WAY shorter than the other leg, so he is going to end up needing what is called an 'FHO', or a femoral head ostectomy, which is when a surgeon will remove that ball of the ball-and-socket joint, leaving just an empty socket. It needs removed because it's rubbing and not doing him any good.

He also has a little hernia and we're going to do some basic work and get him vaccinated and taken care of. But, his leg is definitely going to be a big issue.

So, we just want to share him so you can see his sweet face!"

Thank you so much for the update, Dr. Mehaffey! We cannot wait to see Edward's recovery journey.

Edward's Foster Family

Until Edwards surgery is scheduled, Edward gets to stay with a wonderful foster family who is taking the best care of him!

Check out what his foster family had to say about sweet Edward.

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