Meet Edward: Brave Barkers

Everybody say hello to Edward! Edward is the newest dog participating in the Brave Barkers program!

Edward is the third dog to be sponsored by Brave Barkers, a non-profit that gives back to dogs with severe joint and mobility issues, who otherwise may not be able to get the medical treatment that they need.

This lovable, young pit bull was abandoned on a farm in Lancaster County, PA. He was dirty, tired, and clearly injured.

The farmer and his family fed and kept him safe while they searched for a possible owner, but the remote location of their farm and stories of recent dog abandonment stories in their community quickly led them to believe that Edward had been left in their driveway on purpose. 

They noticed that Edward walked with a limp and his tongue always stuck out but he could walk, run and eat, just a bit slower than a dog normally would. They called a rescuer their neighbor knew and she went out to pick Edward up and take him to the incredible folks at Harley’s Haven

Below you can see a video clip of when Edward was rescued:

The family had tied Edward up in their barn so he wouldn’t run off or chase their female breeding dogs around. He was excited to meet his rescuers and showed off for them by wiggling, giving them kisses and then running around to the horses and cows and kissing them, too. Edward clearly had so much love to give! 

When Edward arrived at Pennridge Animal Hospital, they immediately provided him with basic medical care like an exam, vaccines, and a heartworm test.

They also took x-rays of his right, rear leg that seemed to have some sort of deformity and caused him to limp.

See how happy Edward was in this short clip below: 

Pennridge Animal Hospital discovered that Edward had an old fracture that had healed incorrectly and caused his leg to grow shorter than the other hind leg. He would likely need surgery on the leg by a specialist. He also has an old jaw fracture that healed on its own and this level of trauma would indicate that he had been hit by a car and left to heal on his own without any medical treatment. 

For a full medical update on Edward, watch this video:

Edward is a lovable, happy, intelligent, fun-loving soul.

While he is building up his strength getting ready for his surgery, he is stealing hearts along the way! His foster family is truly in love with him, and we are too! 

His injury hasn’t slowed him down too much but if not fixed, he could have mobility limitations over time.

Hopefully, Edward’s surgery will not only help him to live pain free, but to help a potential family feel confident in adopting him knowing that his medical needs were met while he was waiting to find them!

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