Your Dog Can Sense Your Emotions

We know that sometimes our pets can be a mirror to our emotions — whether happy, mad or sad, right? Now there is scientific evidence that supports that intuition that pet parents have always had.

An article that we found on Science World Report shares research from a study that dogs will limit eye contact with their owners if they sense anger. In the article it noted that, “Researchers found when dogs looked at human faces, their eyes scanned the entire face instead of just a certain area; this type of eye movement suggests the animals are working to interpret emotion. However, when the dogs looked at threatening faces of other dogs, they focused more on the mouth–which suggests that the dogs are watching out for a potential threat.”

Can Your Dog Sense Your Emotions

You can read the entire article about how dogs can sense our emotions here.

We’d love to know, in the comments below, if your dogs react to your emotions.

Here are a few signs we notice in our own pets:

  1. They seem anxious when emotions are running high
  2. They relax and curl up into our bodies when everyone is relaxed
  3. If you’re crying or sad, dogs sense that and silently provide comfort
  4. They may not eat if their owners are fighting
  5. Your dog may exhibit uncharacteristic behavior if there is tension or changes in the household dynamic. A normally quiet dog may start barking a lot. A happy dog may become aggressive with the other pets. He may hide under the bed. She may not be interested in playing with her favorite toy.

If you notice changes in your pet’s behavior, take a step back and see if family dynamics or changes may be the cause of it.