Gift Ideas For Your Dog

Do you buy gifts for your big dog for his or her birthday or Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s or even Groundhog Day? Admit it, you probably do! If you’re stumped on what to buy your dog for his or her next gift, here are some gift ideas for your big dog.

Chew toys

Is there a dog you have ever met who doesn’t like to have toys of his own? Look for toys that are specifically made for the big dog and can withstand his chewing needs. If you dog likes to shred and pull the stuffing out of plush toys, then avoid those. If you like the idea of a plush toy, look for those that have no stuffing. Also, if your dog is diligent in removing squeakers from her toys, avoid those as you don’t want your pet to swallow a squeaker.

Gift Ideas For Your Big Dog

A delicious bone

Chances are, if you bring home a delicious bone for your dog, he will smell it through the gift wrapping paper so you’re better off not putting it under the tree or on the kitchen counter — where ever you are inclined to leave them. Look for bones that will not shatter and that are made and sourced in the USA. If you don’t like feeding bones then look to antlers or bully sticks.

A soft, warm bed

You know we were going there, right! If you have a big dog you need to be cognizant of his or her joint health and the bigger the dog, the more pain he could be in because of the pressure points of pain from where he lays down. A Big Barker bed has been shown to relieve pain and joint issues. A bed is one of those gifts that keeps giving year-round. If you want to give a gift of a Big Barker bed and have it delivered before Christmas (2015) you will want to place your order before Monday, Dec, 21.)

A new leash or halter

If you want your pet to be stylish throughout the year, a new leash or halter or collar can make a fashion statement for those times when you’re either at the dog park or out on a walk or running errands.

New clothes

Not every big dog owner dresses her dog, but there are clothes on the market that definitely are designed to fit the big dog in your life. From pajamas to boots to winter jackets you can find something for most every dog in your life.

Healthy treats

Feeding treats is something that many pet parents do and sometimes to their pet’s detriment — you don’t want to feed too many snacks and have your pet get a little chunky! Look for treats that are low calorie, you may event want to give him fruits and/or veggies. Or some pet parents will feed their pets treats and cut back a bit on the size of their meals.

We’d love to know if you buy gifts for your pet. Do you wrap them? Do they love them!? Let us know in the comments!