DIY Time!

dog in bath

That’s right. It’s time for some good ‘ol elbow grease as we take a look at a great DIY recipe for a natural dog shampoo. Now, first…a question:

Why would you even need a recipe for a dog shampoo when there are a “gazillion” at the local pet store?

Well, just like humans, dogs can also have allergic reactions to certain types of soaps and shampoos. You may not notice it at first, but when you see it things will click. Take a look at your dog’s fur to see if it’s matting up in certain places/spots. Also take a look at the skin underneath. See if there are patches of dry spots on your dogs skin. Any of these two things can speak to an allergic reaction.

So if you find something like this, a nice DIY natural dog shampoo may be just the trick to “rehab” that coat and skin. The last thing you want is to have your dog become uncomfortable from something that should be a nice little treat…bath time!

Now there is another reason you may like today’s entry: for some of you, you may have a general aversion for many of the chemicals found in such shampoos as those on the pet store shelf. A lot of times we feel that if we wouldn’t put it on our own skins, then why put it on our best friend’s? I hear you…I’m right there with ya.

So take a look at today’s blog entry. I think you will find it to be a very nice alternative.

Read the full article here: DIY Natural Dog Shampoo



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