Backseat Barker: SUV Edition

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Waterproof Liner: Backseat Barker


Waterproof Liner: Backseat Barker
Cover | Backseat Barker


Cover | Backseat Barker

🚗 Make travel the ultimate treat for your dog 

Meet the first-ever “shock-absorbing” dog bed

How To Select Your Size 👇

The total width of the Backseat Barker (including the pillow wings) should be wider than your car. Then, the Pillow Wings can lean against the side walls.

Take a measuring tape and measure the space between your backseats and your trunk/hatch door. For example, if the depth of your cargo space is 37", you'd want the Large Backseat Barker.

Note: There is a 10-inch depth difference between each size.


Dimensions: (including pillow wings)  55” wide x 25” deep x 3” thick

Inner Foam:  30” wide x 25” deep x 3” thick

Examples:  Ford Escape, Chevy Equinox, Jeep Latitude


Dimensions: (including pillow wings)  58” wide x 35” deep x 3” thick

Inner Foam:  33” wide x 35” deep x 3” thick

Examples:  Ford Edge, Honda CRV, Jeep Grand Cherokee

Extra Large:

Dimensions: (including pillow wings)  61” wide x 45” deep x 3” thick

Inner Foam:  36” wide x 45” deep x 3” thick

Examples:  Ford Explorer, Chevy Suburban, Dodge Grand Caravan

See What Our Customers Are Saying:

"I’ve tried to find quality beds that fit my SUV and hadn’t found anything as nice as the Big Barker! It’s extremely well made and worth every penny!"
"Precious loved his new bed immediately - no “adjusting” needed here! It felt so good to him, it was like he was saying “Mommy, what took u so long to buy this?” We feel so much better now that he has protection from joint damage & safety bumpers!"
"We have a long trip planned and needed something extra comfy for our girls. Thank you for making such a great product for our babies!
"I love my SUV bed and so does my dog. It's a total game changer for a boy with bad hips!"
"Your dog won't want to get out of the car! My labrador pounced on this bed Christmas morning he was so excited! We put it in the SUV a few days later and I can barely coax him out of the car, he is so comfy!"
"Bailey our Bernese Mountain Dog loves his Backseat Barker: SUV Edition. I highly recommend this bed. Bailey has elbow dysplasia and this bed in the car has made a world of difference!"
"We currently own three Big Barkers and have been so impressed with these products. These beds are truly an investment in our dog's futures. We recommend them to all our dog parent friends."
"This comfy bed is awesome for Bo to be able to relax and sleep on long drives! I absolutely love how the bed fits exactly perfectly in my Ford Explorer too! It is nice to know the bed keeps him comfortable while traveling!"
"I didn’t realize the bed would make such a difference in my Labrador’s comfort level, while riding in the car, until I purchased the SUV edition. Sugar Pie suffers from hip dysplasia and arthritis, but now loves riding along wherever we go!"
"If you are looking for a bed...look no further. Big Barker Beds and accessories blows all others out of the field. Once you buy one, you are a customer forever."
"The SUV bed has allowed me to take my pup along with me wherever I go. He refused to ride peacefully in the past. I tried numerous medicines and techniques, but the only thing that helped him was his SUV bed!"
"The dogs love their new Backseat Barker for traveling in comfort and style. Fits great in the SUV and very well made. Love it!"
"I am so very happy to have found your Big Barker Company! As the owner of a very klutzy, clumsy fast growing Irish Wolfhound puppy the SUV Backseat Barker was PERFECT for us!"
I was looking for a dog bed for my 2020 Subaru Outback and came across Big Barker. My two old dogs loved it and it made the cross country trip a little easier on all of us, especially our oldest dogs arthritic hips.
"Pixie My Great Dane Service Dog has ITP, so I needed to get her a more comfortable bed for the car. This bed certainly goes above and beyond what I ever expected and we're so glad she loves it!"