Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed

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Add cooling treatment?

Add a layer of KulKote, an American-made proprietary temperature regulating technology.

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  • 10 Year Warranty

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Name: Samara Breed: GSD Weight: 67lbs
Name: Ranger Breed: Full blooded GSD
Name: Chase Breed: Lab Mix Weight: 80lbs
Name: Bruin Breed: Boxer Weight: 60lbs
Name: Gavin Breed: Golden Doodle Weight: 45lbs
Name: Charlie Breed: Staffie mix, Weight: 48lbs
Name: Hank Breed: Hound Mix Weight: 90lbs
Name: Bear Breed: GSD Weight: 90lbs
Name: Bruiser Breed: Brindlequin Great Dane
Name: Cricket Weight: 88 pounds
Name: Thor & Reese Breed: English Cream Golden Retrievers
Name: Veda Breed: GSD Weight: 85-90lbs
Name: Peter Breed: Greyhound Weight: 82lbs
Name: Duke Breed: Doberman Weight: 75lbs
Breed: Mastiff mix
Name: Roxanne Breed: English Mastiff Weight: 160lbs
Name: Rose Breed: Doberman
Name: Cookie Breed: Mastiff
Name: Addie Breed: GSD Weight: 68 pounds
Name: Brock & Maddox Breed: Yellow Labrador Weight: 140lbs
Name: Izzie Breed: Great Dane
Name: Voss Clan Pups Breed: Mastiff, Great Dane & Lab
Name: Denver & Blue Weight: 130 & 140lbs
Name: Murphy Breed: Great Dane Weight: 160lbs
Name: Bowdoin, Whiskey, & Marlow Breed: 2 labs/1 Golden Retriever Weight: boys = 80lbs, girl = 60lbs
Name: Banks & Gigi Breed: Great Danes Weight: 110 & 112
Name: Winnie Breed: Harlequin Great Dane Weight: 80lbs
Name: Abbie & Rodey Breed: Neapolitan Mastiffs
Name: Inka Breed: Great Dane
Name: Odin Breed: Irish Wolfhound

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"This is Remy, an 8 year old 160 pound American Bulldog. Remy loves his Big Barker bed! He sleeps all day and night on it without re-positioning himself. It holds his weight and supports his achy joints very well with no sagging!"
"Rocko, our 6 year old Doberman Pinscher, loves his new bed. After a long night's sleep he pops right up! Before, on his old beds, he would get up slowly and have to stretch. So glad we found you. We have spent close to what this bed cost numerous times and they never lasted. This bed is worth every penny. Quality is outstanding."
"Rocky absolutely lovesssss his Big Barker!! It's been so hard trying to find a bed that he can fit on and be able to stretch out. It's his favorite place to sit and sleep, and it definitely helps with his mild arthritis in his hips. He especially likes the head rest and often uses it when he takes naps!"

Frequently Asked

How long will it take my bed to ship?


Orders without embriodery ship within 1 business day, or even same day!

Adding embroidery takes a bit longer, but if you choose that option, your bed will still be shipped within 3 business days or less.

All orders ship via Ground Shipping by default, which can take anywhere from 2-7 business days to arrive at your door, depending on how far you live from the warehouse.

Is it machine washable?


Of course! Machine wash the cover on cold temperature, dry on low heat.

Are the beds chew proof?


No, the cover is not made from chew resistant material. We use a furniture grade microfiber. It's "tear resistant" - meaning, it holds up better against nesting/digging than most types of dog bed covers. But dogs can chew through it if they're determined.

However - we don't get many reports of chewed up beds. That's partially because we do a good job of hiding the zipper and sewing the seams properly, which eliminates some of the attractive things to chew at. Also, we find that dogs are less likely to chew into a big block of foam than a bag of fluff that can be nested and moved around.

So, it's not chew proof. But if there's ever a tear, we gladly send out extra fabric if you'd like to patch the rip (no cost for that). Or we also have replacement covers available.

How does the 10 Year Warranty work?


We guarantee that the foam will retain at least 90% of it's original loft for the next ten years, or we'll replace it for free! No hassle involved, just contact us with a picture and we'll have a new piece of foam to you in no time.

What if my dog won't use the bed?


While it's rare, every once in a while, a dog won't get used to their new bed. With the Big Barker, since 2012, this has been roughly 2% - 3% of customers.

In almost all cases, given enough time (and sometimes a few bribes!), an at-first skeptical dog will eventually warm up to their Big Barker and fall totally in love.

But if it never happens.... that's ok! It's why we give you a full 365 day at home trial.

Take as much time as you need. We want your dog to have every opportunity to get the health benefits gained by sleeping on their Big Barker.

If they never warm up to it though, just contact us, and we'll give you a full 100% refund along with a hearty "thank you" for trying our bed!

Should I add KulKote?


If your dog gets hot all the time, then we’d recommend it.

The Big Barker is naturally cooler than most beds due to the open cell foam technology, which allows air to flow freely. Unlike closed-cell memory foam beds, which trap hot air between a dog and the surface of the bed.

Adding a layer of Kulkote makes it even cooler!!  It absorbs the energy of their body heat into the Phase Change Material (PCMs). This absorption results in an enhanced cooling experience. 

As an additional benefit, if your dog lies on their bed when they are cold, the PCMs sense their temperature and release the heat energy that was stored, resulting in a warming effect. 

Big Barker is the only dog bed approved to use KulKote technology.

With Big Barker, there’s always more to love.

Stays Cool
Stays Cool

Big Barker only uses “open cell” foam, which allows air to move freely through the bed. Other materials, like memory foam, are “closed cell,” which trap hot air between your dog and the bed.

Easy To Clean
Easy To Clean

Up to 150 inches of zipper surrounding 75% of each bed makes it easy for you to remove Big Barker’s non-shrink covers and throw them in the washing machine.

Durable Covers
Durable Covers

Our covers are constructed with the toughest microsuede fabric, which holds up against digging and scores 100,000 or higher on the Wyzenbeek Abrasion test—the standard for measuring a fabric’s ability to withstand surface wear from rubbing.

Height Health Advantage
Height Health Advantage

Particularly in cases of SEVERE joint, nerve or skeletal problems, our elevated 7-inch height health-advantage allows your dog to "walk off" their Big Barker, not struggle to raise themselves from the "grounded start" provided by normal dog beds.

No Out Gassing
No Out Gassing

We use better ingredients and take better care of our foam than our competitors do. With a Big Barker, you’ll never get that nasty “chemical” smell that irritates the skin, nose, and eyes of both dogs and humans alike.

Waterproof Liners
Waterproof Liners

Our impenetrable, machine-washable waterproof liners are made from the same soft, quiet material used in hospital-grade mattresses. Add as an optional upgrade to protect your Big Barker from fluids 24/7.


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Laura C.
United States


Hi! We love the bed! We have a very stubborn 130 pound Shiloh Shepherd. His name is Moose and he is 6 years old. He has a lot of fur and will only sleep on the floor. He still will not sleep on the bed. We are using it on the floor near our bed so he can jump up and down on it since he likes our bed during the day. We keep trying. Any suggestions? We have moved the bed around to see if that helped and it hasn't. Cold floor is what he likes. This is still the best bed ever and we are so happy we found you! Your customer service is the best! And, the best bed ever! Thank you so much!!!!! We are concerned about his legs as he gets older. Best, Moose

Norma Y.
United States United States

Highly recommend

Excellent service and product.

glenn b.
United States United States


It will take time to evaluate Ruby's experience with her new bed. She already has the same one without the kulcote. She loves it. Will update.

Big Barker Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed Review
Michele D.
United States United States

Extremely happy with dog bed

The dog bed is awesome! It took a few days for my older dog to lie on it. I don’t think she knew it was for her. But now she rests on it during the day and sleeps on it all night. There has been a noticeable improvement in her ability to get up and around. She’s happy. We’re happy. Well worth the price.

Sandy G.
United States United States

Quality Bed, Now Working On Getting Our Big Boy To Take To It

This dog bed is the real deal. Excellent quality and Big Barker’s customer service is outstanding. Now, we just need our 75 lb. boy to lay on it!