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Barker Junior
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Cover | Barker Junior
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Quick Fit Cover | Barker Junior
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Waterproof Liner | Barker Junior

Meet a very special bed, exclusively engineered for dogs under 50 lbs. ✨

Stylishly handcrafted with the same foam technology as our best-selling large beds... the Barker Junior is specially calibrated for small & medium-sized dogs.

The Barker Junior was born because many of our customers with big dogs asked if we would craft a super comfy bed for their smaller dogs too! (After all, lots of smaller dogs also have painful joint issues, and now there’s a uniquely supportive solution for that big problem!)

It comes with the same perks as our bigger beds...

  • 10-Year Guarantee: The foam will retain 90% of original shape and loft for an entire decade, or your money back.

  • American Foam: The highest quality foam you’ll ever find in a dog bed. Won’t flatten or pancake over time.

  • Superior Support: Orthopedic foam comforts joints & keeps your dog’s pressure points from ever touching a hard floor.

  • Handcrafted in the USA: The craftsmen in our small Pennsylvania workshop have over 100 combined years of furniture-making experience.

  • Easy to clean & machine washable! 

Sizing Instructions 📏

The most accurate way of choosing the perfect size bed for your dog is to take a quick measurement. Using any old tape measure, write down your dog's height from paw to shoulder.

This is your dog's maximum size at a full stretch. Most dogs don't sleep in a full stretch position, but you want a bed that is big enough at maximum size. Make sure you choose a bed that is at least as long as the head-to-butt measurement and at least as wide as the paw-to-shoulder distance.

Breed Recommendations 🐶

Take measurements for 100% accuracy, but in most cases, the following guidelines should help you pick the right size bed:

Small: For dogs shorter than 15" tall - Ex: Dachshund, Italian Greyhound, Jack Russell Terrier, Pug, Beagle, French Bulldog, etc.

Medium: For dogs shorter than 18" tall - Ex: Boston Terrier, Brittany, Cocker Spaniel.

Large:  For dogs shorter than 21" tall - Ex: English Bulldog, smaller Pit Bulls, smaller Border Collies, etc. 

See What Our Customers Are Saying:

"My dogs loves sleeping on their Barker Junior. I’m thrilled with my purchase. I don’t think I could have purchased a better bed. This Barker Junior dog bed is the best ever!
"I decided to purchase two Big Barker Juniors for my pups, who are on medication for their hips and joints. After only three weeks, they are getting up in the morning and running around with minimal discomfort!"
"Diesel absolutely loves his bed. When he slept on his old bed, he would rarely snore, but now every time he lays on his Barker Junior bed, he falls asleep fast and snores! Totally sold this is the only bed we will ever have again.. Thank you Big Barker for EVERYTHING!!"
"This is a really supportive mattress! I especially like that the cover is very easy to put on and is the easiest of all the dog beds I have owned to assemble."
"My two pups LOVE their Small & Medium Barker Junior beds. Bailey had Hip Dysplasia surgery in 2017 & Abby is having a little arthritis, so we are so grateful we found these beds ♥️"
"Barker Junior is Beagle Approved! Well made, great bed, & made in the USA... which is a must for us!"
"These beds are durable and extremely well made. You just can't beat the quality and it has probably added years to my older dog's live by giving his old arthritic bones the support he needs. He gets up and down much easier from the Big Barker bed!"
"First, I was skeptical, but I decided to give Big Barker a try...Wow, now these little guys CANNOT get enough of their new Barker Junior beds. They snore like nobody's business. No more tossing and turning and no more sleeping on the floor!"
In my opinion and my dog's opinion, it really is the best bed in the world. It's the first perfect mattress I've ever bought for Fifi (and I've bought a lot of them). If you love your dog, this bed will be the best gift for them!"
"We are lovin’ the Barker Junior dog bed. Small dogs love this bed too! Our dog literally won't sleep without his Big Barker. Great, comfortable bed for your best friend!"
"I’m a big fan of Big Barker, having bought many of their products over the years for 3 dogs, both big and small. I also bought the liner too to protect the pad from water spills.
"My fiancé and I bought a Barker Junior for Cody, one of our two Cavaliers that had a slipped disc in his back. After it arrived, it took him a bit of time to reacquaint, but I can honestly say he is in less visible pain. So awesome!"
"I bought this for my new pup, Nelly, a few weeks ago. She is absolutely loving her Barker Junior and runs for it when she gets into my office. She's still in her puppy chewing stage and the bed is holding up great!"
"We recently got 3 Barker Juniors to put around the house to help with Herbie's joints. He enjoys sleeping and hanging out on them. The beds look great and the staff at Big Barker were some of the most professional people I have ever dealt with!"
"I bought the Barker Junior for my rescues and have spent hours sleeping on it with my babies when they were sick. It is incredibly comfortable. Absolutely best value for the money."