Here's a step-by-step guide on how to assemble your sofa bed: 


Before You Build Your Bed 

1. Locate the Open Here sticker on your box and cut the box and lift the flap.

2. Inside, you’ll see your cover, liner (if purchased), and your Sofa bed Foam Kit.

3. Before opening your Foam Kit, lay the cover out flat to make sure it fits your space as planned.

Building Your Bed

1. Unroll the foam kit

You’ll find 4 parts.

1. 7” mattress

2. Left bolster

3. Back bolster

4. Right bolster


2. Put on Waterproof Liner (if applicable)

Fully unzip the liner. Then, stand your 7” mattress up on one end. Place the liner over the mattress and zip it up. Note that the bolsters are not covered by the liner. Set the mattress aside.

3. Unzip the cover

Unzip the bottom of the cover. This will reveal a second zippered compartment, which is where you’ll add the bolsters. Open this compartment.

4. Put in the Bolsters

Insert your bolsters, round side down and flat side facing up. Match the corners of the bolsters inside the cover, creating a 90° angle. Zip up the compartment once all bolsters are inserted.

5. Flip and Add the Mattress

Flip over the cover so the rounded sides of the bolsters are facing up. Then, lay your 7” mattress on the ground and pull the corners of the cover over the mattress.  Adjust the bolsters as needed to make sure they fit neatly over the mattress.

6. Final Zip-Up

Lift the bed, zip up the last compartment, and your Big Barker Orthopedic sofa bed is complete!


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