The special dog bed loved by German Shepherds

The special dog bed loved by German Shepherds

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Provides orthopedic joint support
Eliminates painful pressure points
Improves your dog's quality of life

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Why do German Shepherds need a special bed?

Why do German Shepherds need a special bed?


This painful condition is found in up to 80% of dogs as they age.

Hip Dysplasia:

As many as 13% of all German Shepherds suffer from this congenital disorder.

Wobblers Syndrome:

German Shepherds are at risk for both congenital and trauma-induced Wobblers syndrome.

Metaphyseal Osteopathy:

This disease of the long bones affects young German Shepherds.

There’s a Lot to Wag About

Kaida absolutely loves her new big barker bed !
She’s a very active dog and always wants to run and play all the time so after a long day of running she needs to be comfortable on a bed .

Veda had TPLO surgery on her right knee in May of 2018. The previous bed she had she used less than a year and it ended up looking like a flat pancake. I did my research and couldn’t find anything that compared to Big Barker.

Our Abby is a 3 year old GSD with Panosteitis. A common and painful condition that mostly effects German Shepherds. She takes her vitamins but sometimes will limp. Once that starts, we have her go on her Big Barker for a few hours and she is running around like a puppy again!

Tested out our new bed for the car yesterday and I think it’s safe to say he’s happy with our latest BB addition! 😅 I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… you cannot beat Big Barker beds for big dogs! Quality is unrivalled, super comfy and super supportive 🤩