The special dog bed loved
by German Shepherds

The Big Barker is the world’s best dog bed for large dogs like German Shepherds. Uniquely engineered to keep dogs youthful for longer and bring older dogs back to their best.

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Trusted Vets Trust Big Barker

“I recommend the Big Barker to our patients that have dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia, or any issue that causes joint pain or affects mobility because I believe it reduces pain and helps get them back to their old self.”

Dr. Kenneth Rassnick, DVM

DACVIM (Oncology)

Cornell University Hospital for Animals

“I advise clients that have dogs with hip dysplasia to invest in a supportive orthopedic mattress like Big Barker because when it comes to reducing pain and increasing quality of life, the bed works.”

Dr. Sarah Wooten, DVM

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Sheep Draw Animal Hospital

Dr. Alison Birken, DVM

Many pet parents don’t realize that their dog’s bed has a tremendous impact on the dog’s quality of life. Thin, flimsy, flat beds cause pressure points that hurt tender joints making it hard to rest and harder to sleep soundly. Big Barker beds are specifically designed to eliminate pressure points and reduce pain, even in animals without any previously diagnosed joint issues.

Victoria Park Animal Hospital - Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Dr. Tara Purcell, DVM

Joint problems and back pain are common ailments, especially in large breed dogs. We are finding dogs using a supportive mattress like the Big Barker have been exhibiting less symptoms of pain.

Richmond Valley Veterinary Practice - Staten Island, NY


Dr. Christopher Powell, DVM

Our patients with a history of joint or back pain have reported back to us better movement and an overall happier disposition since using Big Barker dog beds.

Richmond Valley Veterinary Practice - Staten Island, MY


This Extreme Comfort is Only Possible with Our Handcrafted 3-Stage Construction Using Our Proprietary Blend of American Made Foam

Your Big Barker’s thick and plentiful middle support-layer is made of heavy H45 high density foam. This fully supports your dog's weight and prevents your boy or girl's joints and hips from sinking into the unforgiving floor below.

Amazingly, 45 lbs. of weight only compresses 1/4 of its thickness, which allows the core layer to support 180 lbs. per square inch… more than enough to fully and comfortably support even a 300 lb dog!

However, support foam on its own feels stiff and inflexible. So we sandwich the support-layer between two generous layers of H10 comfort foam.

After many years of research, experimentation and testing, we've found this to be the perfect scientific calibration to support the pressure curve of a big dog.

That's because our proprietary foam structure perfectly contours to your dog's skeletal frame, providing optimal support distribution to every nook and crevice on their body.

Superior Foam = Superior Support

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The weight bearing parts of your dog's body sink into the top layer, wrapping their joints and hips in comfort foam. The support layer in the middle provides a small amount of give, sustaining the comfort while blocking your dog from sinking all the way to the floor.

Normal beds made from polyfill or cheap memory foam don't provide support. Their material collapses under the weight of a big dog, with no support layer to prevent your dog from pressing directly into the ground below, creating discomfort for dogs with hip dysplasia.

The Proof is in the Pressure Maps

Big Barker’s structure avoids painful pressure points (bright red and yellow areas) of Normal Dog Beds

Big Barker  

No Pressure Points Whatsoever

Big Barker: The orthopedic foam structure distributes weight evenly and eliminates pressure points.

Normal Dog Beds  

Pressure points (Red and Yellow areas) create massive discomfort

4 inch Memory Foam Beds: These beds exhibited dramatic pressure points in all common resting positions.

Polyfill “Pillow” Bed: Complete collapse of the bed structure causes dogs to suffer from severe and dramatic pressure points.

It’s Not Just Vets... See What Customers Say

The Big Barker has been helping dogs with hip dysplasia since 2012!

“Motley is an oversized Lab - he’s not overweight, he’s just really tall... around age three his hip dysplasia really came in hot and heavy....He has to be lifted into vehicles, and we take stairs pretty slow..”

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Timothy Koesteron
This bed is better than medicine!
Amazon Verified Purchase
When our 6 1/2 year dog, Ginger, was diagnosed with hip dysplasia, I immediately started researching a new bed for her. Significant research led me to your site and we are all glad that it did! Right now she is curled up at the head with her leg and paw resting on the pillow. She doesn't seem to have any problems getting comfortable and overall her mobility appears to be improved. Thanks so much for such a quality product and for a great price! My research has proven accurate. This is the best high-quality dog bed for the money!
Justin Van Horne
A life saver for hip dysplasia and restless nights
Amazon Verified Purchase
I ordered the XL large for my male Golden Retriever of 2 years old. He has been fighting hip dysplasia. He moves around at night and I can hear him shifting positions constantly. This bed is a *life saver* in that regard. The first night he slept on it like a baby. This entire weekend he slept in and was quiet. I was shocked and very happy for him
A. Soto
Does not limp!
Amazon Verified Purchase
Princess loves her bed, she took to it right away and I know that it is helping her hip dysplasia because she does not limp when she rises from her bed.
Mei Ping Sun
Fantastic product
Amazon Verified Purchase
The best bed for my 9 year old lab with hip dysplasia. He loves it! We've been purchasing orthopedic beds for him all his life but this one definitely tops them all. It's so comfortable that I wish I had a mattress for myself (yes I tested it out)! And on top of that the owners are so responsive and accommodating it's amazing. I ordered another bed for my smaller pup and even though there was no faster delivery time on Amazon, they went out of their way to recall the one that was already shipped and then overnighted it to me so that I would receive it sooner! Lovely people with a fantastic product.
Lauren Friedrich
Worth the splurge!
Amazon Verified Purchase
I've had the Big Barker for about a month and I couldn't be happier with my purchase! My baby, Kora, has hip dysplasia and recently had TPLO surgery on her right knee. I've worked so hard to rehabilitate her to full strength, from physical therapy to water aerobics. When I discovered how supportive the Big Barker beds are, I just had to get one for her! Not only does she love it, but it makes me happy knowing that her joints are being properly cared for. It's expensive, but with the amazing 10-year warranty, it's totally worth the investment in your dog's health.
Sheryl J.
Limping in the morning is gone!
Amazon Verified Purchase
My Border Collie before used to limp after getting in and out of her past dog beds. After one night, yes one night I had one rested pup....she no longer gets up every few minutes to readjust her position and the limping in the morning is gone!!! I know this bed is not a cure for Hip Dysplasia by any means, however owning a high quality bed that can ease her pain is truly wonderful!!!
Donna Trombley
Improved her mood!
Amazon Verified Purchase
I got this bed for my 12 yr old Golden/Shepherd mix. She has had hip dysplasia in both hips since she was very young, she has arthritis in both hips and has blown the meniscus in her right knee. She is LOVING this bed. The quality is amazing as is the depth of the bed. She can stretch out, curl up, anything she likes. I find her on this bed constantly and it seems to have improved her overall mood!
Patricia S. Scaglione
Best Investment
Amazon Verified Purchase
I have 2 Cane corso's totaling about 205 pounds and they looooove the bed. Our older one that has hip dysplasia has not gotten off of it. Best investment for our Fur babies. Would recommend this bed 100%.
Elizabeth Weinstock
Don’t hesitate
Amazon Verified Purchase
Remarkable Bed! Pumpkin approved!! Our sweet Golden was just diagnosed with hip dysplasia and her new bed just arrived. She loves it and adjusted to it immediately! Sleeping through the night in comfort which makes us all thrilled. Don't hesitate. Great quality.
Joanne M. Taylor
Definitely Worth It!!
Amazon Verified Purchase
I have a senior Golden Retriever dog with hip dysplasia. The Big Barker barely moves when he lays on it, and he sleeps so soundly! He seems to have more energy as well. Although expensive, definitely worth it!!
HD Cowgirl
Worth Every Penny!!! My 2 St. Bernard's are in LOVE!
Amazon Verified Purchase
We purchased two of these beds for our two Saint Bernards. Our male is 200lbs and our female is 180lbs. Both of them have hip dysplasia and one also has severe elbow dysplasia. I was nervous that they may not take to the beds right away because they were new. Boy was I wrong. They smelled them, and then laid right down. The next morning when it was time for breakfast, I actually had to tell them to get up and come eat their breakfast. I don't know about your dogs, but Saint Bernards are HIGHLY motivated by food, so this was huge. That experience was enough to tell me these beds were 100% worth the purchase. But it did not stop there, a few days later, our male Saint Bernard (the one with the worst joint issues) who normally walks around the backyard just to go to the bathroom and then lays down for a nap, walked about halfway back into our 72 acre farm. His sister normally does this same walk, but he stops and lays down and waits for us to come back. Not this time, he did the walk with us. I truly believe it was the bed because nothing else has changed, his meds and everything else has stayed the same. Needless to say, I highly recommend this bed. I understand these beds are expensive, but they are durable and guaranteed to last for years to come.
Katie Seaveyon
Vet approved
Amazon Verified Purchase
I am a veterinarian in Maine and just received our bed a few nights ago and my dogs are loving it. I have already recommended it to multiple clients at work today, investing in a good quality bed once is better than buying multiple over time that are of lesser support and quality. I have one dog with metal in all four of her legs and another with hip dysplasia...our human tempurpedic bed was getting crowded with two adults dogs and a cat. We also bought the waterproof cover as our older lady dog has urinary incontinence when she drinks too much swimming, and the waterproof cover proved it's value on its first night when she wet the bed. Very happy with the Big Barker!

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