We Trust Many of Our Readers Know This, But Do Your Kids?



We trust that our readers know this and are pretty educated regarding the tails of their dogs…but do young kids who are playing with these dogs know?

What are we talking about? Picking a dog up by its tail. You know and I know that this is a big no no. But a lot of times, some of our erstwhile kids may not know this. So remind them that a dog’s tail is not a handle nor is it a rope.

Dogs use their tails…for balance. To do damage to a dogs tail means to do damage to the dog himself. So please, gently remind your kids and those kids playing with your dogs…that a tail is not a handle nor a rope nor a thing to be pulled or tugged.

A tail tells a tale…it tells us if our dogs are happy or if they are scared. Teach them how to understand and interpret a wagging tail and a scared tail that’s in between your dog’s legs. There’s so much we can learn from that tail…for some dogs when that tail is standing straight up it’s an alert of danger as well.

So spend the time to tell the tale of the tail.


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