Unwanted Barking



Here’s a video for you today that might resonate with many of you…how do you work with your dog and train him to stop barking for no reason?

Unwanted barking can be a very frustrating thing…and it can also be a very bothersome thing. I remember as a young child growing up with my beloved German shepherd that our family would often receive anonymous complaints from our neighbors because of the dog barking. There was even a noise complaint filed at one time.

So what can you do to ward off such unwanted barking? Well, for starters…take a look at today’s video that may help give you some pointers as to how to treat your dog in a humane fashion and yet train him appropriately so that he ceases from this activity of unwanted and senseless barking.

And remember…not all barking is bad. Our dogs bark for various reasons. But what we are talking about here today is that sort of barking that is, in many ways, pointless.

Watch: How to teach any dog to stop barking