Overly Active Dog?



Do you have a rambunctious dog with a bit too much energy on its hands?

Does throwing the ball around in the yard not really do it for him?

Does jogging with him just get him riled up more so that he wants to stay out and play all the time?

Having a dog like this can be such a blessing…but there are definitely times when it can also be a chore.

What’s one to do with a dog that has a great amount of energy?

There are a few options for you. You can take your dog to the dog park and let him run around, off the leash with other dogs. A lot of times dogs will play together and naturally work off all of that energy.

Another thing you can do is use that energy for your own benefit as well, get off the couch and attend a dog fitness class. That’s right…a dog fitness class.

More and more what we see popping up all around us are fitness classes for both you and your dog. You can get a workout right along side your best friend, and oftentimes you will even use your best friend as a weight that you need to lift up and carry!

Such classes can be fun and are easy to come by…just do a search on google. For more information, take a look at today’s article.


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