It finally has gone to the dogs!

And that is absolutely some of the best news we have heard all day! Wait…what are we talking about? We are seeing a growing trend in hospitals and hospice care facilities using service dogs for therapy and rehabilitation. In fact, one report about a hospital informs us that they are now training their 10th team of therapy dogs to be used in their hospital.

Therapy dogs are a wonderful aid in the rehabilitation of patients dealing with depression, PTSD (post-traumatic stress syndrome), and even physical rehab. To see these specially trained dogs in “action” is something wonderful. What do they do? They assist by loving, nuzzling, and snuggling.

Patients have seen marked increase in their overall mood by interacting with these dogs, thus proving to make their rehab that much quicker.

We love a great dog story…and this one is definitely meant to be shared. Share it folks, and let’s be thankful for our furry friends who know just how to love us the right way.