Barking 101



Controlling your dog’s barking can be a bit of a controversial topic. There are a few reasons. Some of the reasons deal with the methods employed, and other reasons deal with the simple need for your dog to express itself. That being said, we cautiously enter into this discussion.

First, why do our dogs bark? There are a few reasons, but number one is the fact that it’s a warning sign. They sense danger or a threat to their space and the space they protect (namely, our homes). So they bark to give that warning to strangers and other things to ward off danger.

For this reason, barking should not necessarily be quieted.

But not everyone is appreciative of this aspect of barking. And that’s where the problems arise. When I was very young, our German shepherd lovingly protected the homestead. This meant she barked. Our neighbors didn’t appreciate that protection as much. And now you see the problem…we had noise complaints and were even fined by the police once for excessive noise.

Some of you may relate to a situation like this with your own dogs. What do you do?

You’ve probably seen the dog collars that shock the dogs or constrict around their necks when they bark. We do not advocate such inhumane and cruel devices. (See how this can get controversial?)

There are other techniques to explore when trying to control your dog’s barking behavior.

Take a look at today’s article to learn some of the other methods, and as always, use what works best for you.

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