Top Ways to Keep Your Big Dog Healthy

As important parts of our family, it’s essential that we do what we can to keep our dogs happy and healthy. In particular, big dogs have additional needs to ensure that they are staying healthy to prevent joint issues as they get older. We asked our Big Barker community, how do you keep your big dog healthy, and here are their top responses.


Dog Looking at Kibble

A high quality kibble is a great way to help ensure your dog is getting all their nutrients including glucosamine and chondroitin. Other community members suggest raw feeding, or using vet approved homemade dog food recipes. Whatever food you decide to feed your dog, it’s important to ensure that your dog’s food is the appropriate amount to help control their weight which could lead to bigger problems like joint issues or arthritis. Our community suggests having healthy treats whether fresh, frozen, or dehydrated fruits and vegetables. 

Joint Supplements

Joint Supplements

Lots of our community members said that they gave their dogs joint supplements from an early age as preventative care for joint issues. Our community suggested Dasuquin joint supplements, liquid collagen, Vitamin E, Shilajit, and MSM. Our community has also suggested more natural options including fish oil and pro/prebiotics.


Dog on a Walk

Exercise is another great way to help ensure your dog is in shape and maintains a healthy weight. Some of our community’s favorite ways to spend time with their dogs is on a walk which is a great way to get them moving. We suggest additional low impact exercises that will help your big dog stay active like swimming and sit stands. Another community member suggests limiting jumping and stair use to help protect your dog’s joints.

A Quality Orthopedic Dog Bed

Dog on Big Barker Bed

Although our community may be biased, several members suggested a Big Barker bed to help your dog relax and be supported while they rest. However, a good orthopedic dog bed is essential to keeping your dog supported while they nap or sleep.

Whether one of your favorite ways to help keep your big dog healthy on this list or you learned about some new ways to keep your dog healthy, we hope you join our community to learn more and join discussions! 

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