Tiny Piglets Become Siblings With A Pack Of Rescue Dogs

Maddie, the human behind the Instagram account, Living with Pickles, is an animal lover who rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes animals in San Francisco. One of her recent rescues was Elizabeth, a pregnant pig who had been living in a shelter.

On New Year’s Eve, Maddie watched over and cared for Elizabeth as she gave birth to five sweet little piglets. Afterward, she sent a video of the piglets to her friend Lee who as it turned out, had always wanted to adopt pigs. 

Lee adopted two of the piglets and they now live at Lee's animal sanctuary in Oregon, Asher House Sanctuary. Watch the video above to see the whole story and how these sweet piglets are fitting in with their new family!

By the way, did you know Big Barkers aren’t just for dogs? Just take a look at this PIG Barker! ;)

Pig on Big Barker Bed


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