Service Dog Celebrates High School Graduation in Custom Cap and Gown

Finn, a lovable goldendoodle, celebrated a remarkable milestone last week: he crossed the stage at a high school graduation ceremony. Finn isn’t just any dog; he’s a service dog who has faithfully attended every school day for the past two years, providing invaluable support to his human, K Bryan.

Bryan, who started bringing Finn to school at the beginning of their junior year, credits the goldendoodle with transforming their high school experience. “He helped me out so much, I wouldn’t have been able to graduate if it wasn’t for him coming to school with me,” Bryan shared. Finn’s presence not only provided emotional support but also facilitated a smoother, more enjoyable journey through the challenges of high school.

When it came time for graduation, Bryan knew that Finn deserved to be recognized for his unwavering dedication. The first step was ensuring that Finn would be dressed for the occasion. Matching Bryan’s red cap and gown was a priority; a simple black outfit simply wouldn't suffice. Bryan ordered Finn a custom red cap and gown, complete with an adorable tassel.

To acclimate Finn to the bustling atmosphere of graduation, Bryan began bringing him to more school assemblies. This preparation paid off spectacularly. On the big day, Finn handled the excitement and crowds with the poise of a seasoned graduate. As Bryan’s name was called, Finn joined them in crossing the stage, a moment that encapsulated their shared journey and hard work. “He did really great at graduation. He was perfect,” Bryan said, beaming with pride.

Graduation ceremonies can be daunting, but Finn’s calming presence allowed Bryan to savor this significant rite of passage. Finn wasn’t just a hit with Bryan; his presence delighted everyone in attendance. “Everyone was like, ‘Oh my God, the dog’s graduating,’” Bryan recounted. One curious student even approached Bryan afterwards, astonished to learn that Finn had indeed been a regular attendee at their school.

Looking ahead, Bryan and Finn are set to tackle a new adventure: college. Bryan is confident that with Finn by their side, they’ll navigate the complexities of college life with the same resilience and companionship that saw them through high school. “He’s helped me a lot with a multitude of transitions in my life,” Bryan reflected. “I’m really excited for doing other things in my life with him.”

As Bryan and Finn prepare for the next chapter, their story serves as a heartening reminder of the profound impact a service dog can have. It is a true testament to the power of loyalty, support, and the unbreakable bond between a human and their service dog.


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