Pittie Reunites With His Mom After 2 Years Apart

For any pet parent, being separated from their canine companion is a heart-wrenching experience. Imagine the devastation Samantha felt when her beloved pit bull, Loki, went missing two years ago. She had left Loki with a caretaker while she was away, only to return to the news that her dog had gotten loose. Despite her relentless efforts to find him, Loki seemed to have vanished without a trace.

Samantha's hopes dwindled as the months turned into years. She faced the harsh reality that she might never see Loki again. But as life often has a way of surprising us, Samantha and Loki's story was far from over.

Last month, a beacon of hope appeared at the Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control (FWACC). Loki had been brought in by a good Samaritan. He had somehow managed to get separated from whoever had been looking after him during his time away from Samantha. The staff at FWACC immediately scanned him for a microchip, and to their delight, it beeped.

The news of Loki's identification brought immeasurable joy to everyone involved. Delaney Atkinson, FWACC’s community outreach educator, described Samantha's reaction as "unbelievably excited." After two long years, she could hardly believe that she would be reunited with her dog. She rushed to FWACC that very day to see Loki.

When the staff brought out Loki, he initially didn't recognize his surroundings or the people in the room. He greeted the staff members, seemingly unaware that his mom was among them. However, the moment Samantha spoke, everything changed. Loki's ears perked up, and he turned towards her. Recognition dawned on him, and he leaped into her arms, overwhelmed with joy and excitement. It was a clear testament to the bond they shared — a bond that time and distance had not diminished.

The reunion was a tear-jerking moment for everyone present. Atkinson recalled how the room was filled with emotion as Loki and Samantha embraced. "Everyone was watching this beautiful moment, and everyone was tearing up … just seeing the emotion from both Loki and Samantha was just very amazing and heartwarming," she said.

This touching story carries an essential message: the importance of microchipping pets. Without Loki's microchip, this reunion might never have happened. Atkinson emphasized the necessity of keeping personal information up to date once a pet is microchipped. Additionally, if you encounter a lost pet, taking them to a vet or shelter to check for a microchip can make all the difference!


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