Paws of Honour "Roxie"

Tell us about Roxie, your relationship with her, her personality, and what kind of dog she is!

Roxie was my 3rd working dog with the United States Capitol Police (USCP) but, the first Labrador retriever I’ve ever handled. We graduated K-9 training on August 12, 2015, and she’s been my K-9 partner ever since.

Roxie retired on November 18, 2021, serving Congress and the Congressional Community for over 6 years and 3 months! Roxie is currently 10 years old and considered a Fox Red Lab based on the color of her red coat. 

What makes Roxie's role with Paws of Honor special?

Paws of Honor is an amazing non-profit that covers veterinary care and products at for retired military and law enforcement canines!

Roxie and I volunteered at one of their fund raising events where I met Dr. Brunke and eventually schedule an appointment with him at Virginia Surgical Centers – Rehabilitation in Vienna, VA.

Dr. Brunke was able to properly diagnose Roxie’s condition and provide the necessary treatment and rehabilitation work that Roxie so desperately needed. Without Paws of Honor, I would never have known about the available treatment options for Roxie!

What kind of working dog is/was Roxie and what were/are some of the roles she did while working?

In Roxie’s 6 years working on Capitol Hill as an explosive detection K-9, Roxie got to protect some of the most powerful people in America. Conducting daily explosive detection searches at the US Capitol and on the US House and Senate Floors, to the 2017 and 2021 Presidential Inaugurations, multiple State of the Union speeches, the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, numerous Congressional Delegations, Football and Baseball games, and the annual Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day concerts on the West Front of the Capitol. Roxie also secured the Floor of the US Senate on January 6, 2021 after the Capitol Riots so the Senate could resume the Certification of the Presidential Election. Roxie had a pretty exhausting career with the US Capitol Police!

What are some of the things you love about Roxie?

Roxie, being my first Lab, was way different than my two previous working German Shepherds, Nanu and Bear. Roxie has always been so laid back and chill where most German Shepherds are not. This was a relief, knowing Roxie was so friendly and sociable and could interact with other Officers and the general public especially little kids. Roxie loves everyone and can be relied upon to comfort a crying child or care for her handler on a rough day.

What are some of Roxies funniest moments?

Roxie is a lab and labs are known for their famous lab farts! Sometimes, they were so loud that she would actually wake herself up! LOL  

What are some of Roxies favorite things?

Roxie loves her tennis ball which when she was working was her reward for fining explosives. In the summer time I used to put out a tennis ball launcher where she could drop the tennis ball in the top and it would shoot it out across the yard! Roxie would chase the ball all day and when I set up her kiddie pool she would catch the tennis ball and go lay down in the pool to cool off then do it all over again! This would go on forever! 

Is Roxie struggling with any health conditions at this time?

Roxie has been dealing with a pinched nerve in her back which has often been quite painful for her. Dr. Brunke, Dr. Oliver and the rest of the team at Virginia Surgical Centers – Rehabilitation in Vienna, VA have been providing phenomenal care for Roxie. This is truly the best care Roxie has ever gotten and you can see a complete change in her mobility, joint function, posture, energy and gait from when she walks in the door for therapy and when she leaves each week after therapy! I can’t speak highly enough of their knowledge, skills and the patience they have here at Virginia Surgical Centers – Rehabilitation.  

What made you want to get a Big Barker bed for Roxie and how will the bed help Roxie in her health and life?

The team at Virginia Surgical Centers – Rehabilitation not only speak highly of the Barker Beds they actually have these in every rehabilitation room. When I walk in the door with Roxie, the first thing she does is crawl up on the bed and lay down! She’s very comfortable laying on the Barker Beds and she’s happy to stay there while the team provides treatment for Roxie and works on her shoulders and joints.  I know the clinically proven health benefits of these beds will go a long way with helping Roxie’s treatments. Reducing joint pain and stiffness is part of the treatment Roxie receives each week and having this bed at home will just keep improving those benefits. 

If Roxie could tell the world one thing, what would it be?

Silly human, your entire job in life is just to pet me!