Paws of Honor: K9 Abram

Meet K9 Abrams, a remarkable German Shepherd who served the Prince William County Police Department as a dual-purpose Patrol/Explosives K9 from 2015 to 2023. His journey exemplifies dedication, loyalty, and resilience. But what makes his story even more special is the support he receives from Paws of Honor and the comfort provided by his Big Barker bed.

About Paws of Honor

Paws of Honor (POH) is an organization committed to providing veterinary care and products at no charge for retired military and law enforcement K9s. Their mission is to ensure these loyal companions receive the care they deserve after years of service to their country.

The Bond Between Big Barker and Paws of Honor

Big Barker, a company known for its high-quality dog beds, supports Paws of Honor by providing comfortable beds for retired K9s like Abrams. This partnership ensures that these heroic dogs can rest comfortably in their well-deserved retirement.

Get to Know K9 Abrams

K9 Abrams, at nine years old, has a remarkable career behind him. He's not just a dog; he's a valued member of the police force, serving tirelessly alongside his handler to keep communities safe.

What type of work did K9 Abrams do and what makes him special?

Abrams served as a Patrol K9, responding to violent crimes such as robberies, burglaries, and shootings. His keen sense of smell and unwavering dedication made him invaluable in detecting explosives, ensuring the safety of countless individuals at high-profile events.

K9 Abrams's Primary Role

Abrams's primary role was keeping his community safe. Whether it was tracking down suspects or sniffing out explosives, he approached his duties with enthusiasm and professionalism, making him a standout member of the force.

Health Issues

Despite his dedication, Abrams isn't immune to the toll of his demanding job. He battles arthritis, a common ailment among retired K9s. Additionally, he faced a setback with necrotizing fasciitis in his right elbow, leading to his medical retirement in 2023.

Retirement Joys

In retirement, Abrams enjoys simpler pleasures. His favorite activity is frolicking on the beach, basking in the sun and playing in the surf. Retirement has allowed him to savor the moments he missed during his active service.

Words of Wisdom from K9 Abrams

If Abrams could convey one message to the world, it would be to "Be Useful," echoing the sentiment of his favorite celebrity, Arnold Schwarzenegger. For Abrams, purpose and service define his existence.

Impact of the Big Barker Dog Bed

One of the most significant changes in Abrams's retirement is his newfound comfort thanks to his Big Barker bed. Before, he would toss and turn throughout the night, seeking relief from his aching joints. Now, he sleeps soundly, content in the plush support of his bed.

K9 Abrams's story is a testament to the bond between humans and animals, as well as the importance of organizations like Paws of Honor and companies like Big Barker. Together, they ensure that heroes like Abrams receive the care and comfort they deserve in their well-earned retirement.