2024 Paws of Honor Update: K9 Bubba

Bubba was an explosive detection dog in the Middle East for 9 years. She was assigned to Naval Support Activity (NSA) Bahrain and served her entire time in the military there. Aside from her duties as a member of security, Bubba had a way of raising morale anywhere she went. She always put a smile on everyone's face, no matter how hot or miserable conditions were. She still has this effect.

This month, Big Barker was honored to be able to catch up with Jonathan, Bubba's owner, a year after Bubba received her very first Big Barker bed! 

Big Barker: What would you like to say to your dog if he or she was a human being?

Jonathan: I tend to think of Bubba as a human anyway, so I don't really refrain from saying things to her. Of course, I know she can't understand what I say, but my hope is that she knows exactly how much her family and friends love her (I think she knows--she gets so many hugs and treats)! 

Big Barker: What is the one thing you would change about your dog if you could?

Jonathan: Honestly, I would make her farts less stinky. For some reason (I think it is old age) they are quite potent and occur frequently.

Big Barker: How many weeks, months or years did it take for your dog to get used to civilian life?

Jonathan: Bubba was pretty much ready for retirement the day she arrived stateside. She is very adaptable, so she had no difficulty accepting that her life went from working all the time to a life of luxury and relaxation. She still gets high-strung from time to time, though. After all, she is a Mal.

Big Barker: What did your dog do for you that no human could have done?

Jonathan: She taught me the value of caring for animals. I take great pleasure in taking care of her and I see four-legged animals a lot differently now because of her.

Big Barker: How has your dog improved your quality of life?

Jonathan: She has taught my wife and me to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life. Since we are her primary caretakers, we often do her favorite things like sit in the sun and just spend time with one another. Taking care of her has also been good for us because we get plenty of fresh air between giving her time to sunbathe and making sure she goes out for breaks periodically.

Big Barker: How long has your dog had their Big Barker bed and what noticeable changes have you felt they have experienced since sleeping on their Big Barker bed?

Jonathan: Bubba has enjoyed the Big Barker bed for a few years now and it has helped her sleep more comfortably. With her hip dysplasia, spondylosis, and arthritis, it is important that whenever she is sleeping or lounging, she has a cushioned surface to lay on. The bed helps us do exactly that. As I mentioned, she is a huge fan of just sitting outside and chilling. The bed's heavy-duty cover allows us to put the bed anywhere on the ground without the cushioning getting too dirty or attracting too much dirt. The best part is that when the cover does get really dirty, we can machine wash it! The Big Barker bed is truly a great and versatile bed.