Optimizing Tito's Rest: A Big Barker Bed and Microsuede Pillow Review

If you're a pet parent like us, you understand the importance of providing your dog  with the best in comfort and style. That's why we decided to share our experience with the Big Barker bed and microsuede throw pillow combo, featuring our beloved Tito.

1. Choosing Big Barker:

We wanted a bed that was reliable, and could support a large breed comfortably.
So far we’ve had no issues with it, the material is durable, it can stand Tito’s
weight + ours, and it looks brand new even after a machine wash.

2. Tito's Comfort and Well-being:

Tito used to prefer laying anywhere else other than his bed. He would get up in
the middle of the night and jump in our couch (we would catch it on the dog
camera lol), and during the day he would lay on rugs, the patio, or our carpeted
rooms. This was clearly a sign that he was uncomfortable. Since getting his Big
Barker, his bed has become his favorite spot in the house, and he loves spending
time there. We also use a smart collar to track his sleep, and he has been
sleeping consistently through the night without waking up once..

3. The Microsuede Throw Pillow:

Adding the microsuede throw pillow to Tito's setup was a game-changer. Opting for a matching color to his bed, it not only enhances the overall aesthetic but also provides functionality. Tito loves using it as a headrest, giving him that extra bit of comfort during his snooze sessions.

4. Benefits of the Throw Pillow:

We’ve taken the pillow with us on car rides and he loves it to cuddle. It’s like
taking a piece of his bed wherever we go. Dobermans love blankets and pillows
so this was excellent.

5. Incorporating the Throw Pillow:

The microsuede throw pillow has found a permanent place in Tito's bed setup. Occasionally, we'll bring it up to the couch to give him his own cozy spot. Its portability and ease of use make it a convenient accessory for Tito's lounging needs.

6. Elevating Comfort and Aesthetic:

We believe that comfort is key, which is why the addition of the throw pillow takes Tito's bed setup to the next level. Just like us, our pups deserve their own pillows for optimal relaxation. Plus, aesthetically, it adds a touch of sophistication to his space.

7. Recommendation to Pet Owners:

Without a doubt, we would highly recommend pairing the microsuede throw pillow with the Big Barker bed to fellow pet owners. Not only does it offer durability and comfort, but it also elevates the style of your pet's sleeping area. It's a small investment for long-lasting comfort and joy for your furry friend.

In conclusion, our experience with the Big Barker bed and microsuede throw pillow has been nothing short of exceptional. From improved sleep quality to enhanced comfort and style, Tito's happiness is evident. We hope our insights help other pet owners make informed decisions when it comes to their dog's comfort and well-being.