Meet Moose the Beekeeping Dog from Edmonton

In British Columbia on a hobby farm lives a yellow labrador named Moose. Moose is a brave dog with an unexpected hobby. Peter, Moose’s owner, has bee hives in his backyard and noticed Moose’s fascination with the hives. Peter decided to look into getting him his own bee suit so he could help with inspections and to keep him safe. Even though there weren’t many bee suit options for dogs online, Peter was able to fit him with a veil he already had. Now Moose is a co-inspector of hives, helps deliver honey from the hives, and sometimes gets to be the official taste tester.



Peter told CTV News “When I have a honey jar I can’t scrape any more honey out of, I give it to him and he gets as far in there as he possibly can. He’s a lab, they love food, but especially honey.” 


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