How Long Does a Big Barker Dog Bed Last? My Review After 9 Years of Daily Use

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My Big Barker Story

I purchased my first Big Barker bed in 2015 - 2016, making this sleek version bed the oldest dog bed in my house, approximately 8.5 years old.

With daily use by two 200+ pound Mastiffs coupled with washing the cover weekly, I set out to see just how well the foam on a Big Barker Dog Bed has held up against nearly 9 years of big dog pressure.

Video Comparison of an Old Big Barker vs. a New Big Barker

In this video, I compare the strength and firmness of the foam on this older dog bed compared with a newer bed. With the covers off, both Mastiffs walked on, sat down, and lay on both beds while observing the depression created by their weight.

It was truly remarkable to see how well the foam and cover on the older dog bed have held up!

Despite some wear and tear on the outer tags, the cover remains in like-new condition with no rips or tears and a flawless zipper.

And while the foam does feel softer compared to the dog bed that is less than a year old, it has not lost a bit of its therapeutic support. Even when tested with both Mastiffs (each 200+ pounds) at the same time, the middle layer of foam on this nearly 9-year-old dog bed seemed as supportive as when it was new.

Before Big Barker, I was stuck in the slow financial drain of having to buy a new dog bed every few months.

They would flatten almost immediately, be impossible to clean, and begin to stink up the room after just a week. In other words, they were a total waste of money.

Big Barker beds, on the other hand, have performed even better than I could have imagined nearly 9 years ago! They are an investment, but one well worth your money!

Full Blog Comparison Review

Let me put it this way, if you are looking for a dog bed that will remain as supportive and look as beautiful as the day you purchased it, I highly recommend you consider Big Barker!

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