Meet Sonny the Police Dog!

We are thrilled to introduce you to Sonny the Police K-9, from Middletown Police Department, and his handler, Jared! Keep reading to learn more about him and the amazing work they are doing in their community each day!

"Sonny is a Patrol and Narcotics detection trained K-9. The patrol side includes building searches, handler protection, criminal apprehension, evidence recovery, and tracking / trailing. The narcotic detection has been huge for us as we have been able to help outside agencies and specialized units," describes Jared.

When asked to describe Sonny, Jared said, "I would describe Sonny as a goofball. He is a very large shepherd, and he tends to forget how big he is. When we are not at work you can find him pretending to be a lap dog, or chasing my other dog around my house. My favorite quality about him is his on and off switch. At work, he is all business. But at home, he really is just a regular dog. I can have him out with family around, and I never have to worry about him becoming aggressive."

According to Jared, Sonny hates the water and only swims if he absolutely has to. On the other hand, he LOVES his ball! "He will do anything if he knows that he'll get to chase a ball at the end of the task." 

"Working with Sonny is the best thing in the world. I have my best friend in the back of the car with me every single day. When we have had a tough day, I just open the center of the cage and he sticks his head through and gives me a big slobbery kiss. He is also the worlds best back-up Officer. I trust him with my life, and I would go anywhere in this world knowing he was by my side."

Sonny was recently gifted his very own Big Barker bed to ensure he gets the best night's rest! He says, "My first impression of the bed is "man I wish my bed was as comfortable!" The bed is extremely well made and even comes with a built in "pillow" at one end for the dogs to put their heads on. I also love how the exterior cover is easy to take off and wash, because as we all know, there is no way a dog sees a mud puddle and walks around it!"

"One thing I would like everyone to know about Police K-9s is how loyal they are. These dogs would do anything we ask of them for their fellow Officers. Sometimes they are the difference between us making it home in one piece at night. You could ask any Officer at our Police Department and I almost guarantee they would say they feel better knowing a K-9 Unit is out at their scene."


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