Home Depot Hired its Cutest (Honorary) Employee Ever

Meet Heaven! When she was rescued by Jackie from the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter, she was skittish, scared of strangers and frightened by loud noises. Jackie wanted to find a place where Heaven would be comfortable and start to come out of her shell. Queue Home Depot. 

Heaven with her Home Depot Apron


Heaven started facing her fears by taking quick 5-minute trips to Home Depot (and then getting lots of treats). Over time, these trips became longer and longer. Home Depot gave Heaven the chance to socialize and even earn an honorary employee apron! Jackie says that when the apron comes out, Heaven knows she’s going to her own little version of heaven at her favorite store. “She walks around like she owns the place.” Although she’s not an employee, she provides great customer service and friendly interactions with customers. Jackie and Heaven’s hard work goes to show that lots of training, patience and trust, a dog will can out of their shell.

Heaven at Home Depot


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