Halloween Costume Contest Winners 2023

Thanks so much to our amazing Big Barker community for sharing the most creative costumes and the cutest dogs with us! We were overjoyed seeing all the pups dressed up in their Halloween gear - it was absolutely spooktacular! 👻

With over 150 entries and more than 2,500 votes cast, we are so excited to announce our winners (and honorable mentions!)

And the winner is...

"Hold my Bone"  by Leslie. B


Our second place winner...

"Since I'm an older puppy now, with old man legs, I'm not the fastest anymore...Her said that is costume shows off the real me. It's ok I will enjoy the sun at a happy 🐌 pace 😁"  by Marthalie. M


...and in third place

"Coors the 2 year old Harlequin Great Dane, dressed up as Eeyore!"  by Alyssa. R

We're thrilled to also share some runner ups with you too! 



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