“Each day is a little life"... When Spent with 13-year-old Great Dane Admiral

How did Admiral come into your life and how long has he been in your family?

A: Admiral was surrendered to our Dane rescue by a Navy family, when they could
no longer care for him. On June 27, 2012, a bright orange Dodge charger pulled into my driveway and made one of the greatest deliveries of my life. Climbing out of the backseat, this sweet ‘caramel brulee’ foster Dane, hopped right into my life…and never left.


What is Admirals favorite thing to do?
A: Meditate in the trees, especially cedar! In the dog world, it’s called “trancing”.
Admiral will find a low-hanging branch, no matter where we go – the vet’s office,
garden centers, random neighbor’s yards! It is so fun to watch him swaying so
peacefully beneath his trees! Wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked us,
“What’s he doing?” We would probably own a tree farm by now! 


What are three fun/unique facts about Admiral?
A: First off, his GIGANTIC hat collection!! Admiral has been an amazing breed-
ambassador, since landing in rescue as a young Dane. He is well known for his
many costume changes at rescue events, during his visits to schools and adult
assisted-living facilities. His very first hat was a purple flower headband, & since that day in 2012, he has yet to meet a hat that he doesn’t rock! It’s such an easy & fun way to bring joy to people, so we just go with it.



His 2nd interesting fact is his alter ego, Flat Admiral. A couple of friends were traveling out west,  since Admiral’s mobility had taken a steep decline due to his neuro condition, they asked if they could ‘take’ Admiral on this amazing journey with them. They enlarged a photo of him & taped it to a paint stick…Flat Admiral was about to see the world again! He has since ‘traveled’ to the Caribbean, the mountains of Virginia, and most recently, to an Eagles concert in DC! Friends sure do make life, lively!

Flat Admiral on some of his adventures across the country

Admiral’s 3rd fun fact is his food ‘side-eye’ – meaning, he will pretend to be asleep, but as soon as you raise your fork, or go to bite that cookie…one eye will pop open just enough to let you know that ALL food is meant to be shared. No lonely mealtimes around here!


Does Admiral have joint problems? If so, does the Big Barker help him feel better?
A: Admiral does exhibit some age-related arthritic challenges in his spine/joints.
Additionally, he also has a degenerative neuro condition, which greatly affects his
ability to ambulate on his own. I made the decision to purchase a Big Barker bed in 2016, & I am most certain, that it is one of the reasons that I even have an almost 13 year-old Dane! Not only has he rested more comfortably for the last 5 years, but I feel confident that his large frame has been adequately supported as well. And the great thing about a Dane-sized bed, is that we get to nap together!

Does Admiral have any special character qualities that set him apart from other dogs?
A: One of Admiral’s secret powers is, ‘Cat Detection Specialist’. Though he’s allergic to cats (& sees a dermatologist for allergy serum) he LOVES cats!! He will spot them “here, there, & everywhere” we go. We definitely could star in our own ‘Cat Stalking’ series. Admiral shares space at home with two rescue cats, so his love affair with cats continues on!

If you could tell Admiral one thing and know that he understood it what would you tell him?
A: I would tell him that “all the forevers” will never be long enough for me to truly
know the depth of his beautiful & generous heart, & that I have been truly blessed to share my life with his gentle spirit.

If you think Admiral could tell you one thing, what do you think he would tell you?
A: I think Admiral would tell me what he ‘really’ thinks about wearing hats, lol – but, also (hopefully) that he knows I have done my very best to give him a good life.


What is the biggest thing that Admiral has changed about you?
A: can #NewDayNewWay


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