Christmas Comes Early for Our Four-Legged Friends at Philly PAWS!

Here at Big Barker, we feel a natural affinity with dog rescue organizations. All of us spoil our dogs like crazy, and it breaks our hearts to know that not every dog is as safe and comfortable as our own. So on Wednesday, we loaded up the van with 26 beds and headed out to a local rescue organization for one of our biggest donation events ever.

This month’s donation went to the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in support of their goal of making Philadelphia a no-kill city. In 2006, PAWS began as a small, volunteer-based group dedicated to making Philadelphia a city where every healthy and treatable pet is guaranteed a home. On the eve of PAWS 10th anniversary, the organization has grown into an extraordinary community that includes thousands of volunteers, adopters, foster families, donors, supporters and staff, all working tirelessly together to save animals’ lives. PAWS is now the city’s largest no-kill shelter and, just as importantly, provides low- or no-cost veterinary services to disadvantaged pet owners, which keeps more animals at home and out of shelters. Their goal is to make Philadelphia a no-kill city.



In short, these people are true angels. And, they are pros at what they do. The average dog only has to wait 3 weeks at PAWS before finding his forever home!

When we arrived, we were enthusiastically greeted by Thurman, a Beagle mix with gorgeous brown eyes, and Max, a super-bouncy puppy with loads of energy. We also had fun watching the many curious cats try to figure out what on earth was going on with all these dog beds! Everything was decked out for Christmas and felt truly homey. PAWS is definitely one of the poshest shelters we’ve ever seen—certainly no hardship for the lucky cats and dogs that wind up here!



PAWS director Melissa Levy accepts a gift from Eric on behalf of the shelter’s four-legged friends.


PAWS director Melissa Levy welcomed us graciously and was thrilled to see the dogs and cats getting cozy on their new beds. She said,

“It’s really important to us to make the animals’ time with us as comfortable, engaging, and happy as possible, but we know that nothing beats having a home. Giving them the added comfort of a Big Barker bed will make their stay at PAWS feel just a little bit more like home while we work to find them a perfect match. It is beautiful to watch a homeless pet finally find safety and relaxation after having been scared, vulnerable, and unsure of where they would end up.”



Cats deserve a good night’s rest, too!


Many of our donations go to police dogs, but this event tugged on our heartstrings in a different way. Eric said,

“Big Barker is honored to work with Philadelphia’s largest no-kill shelter in order to provide beds to homeless and unwanted dogs while they await adoption. We hope to provide them with some extra comfort in their home away from home.”



Thurman is ready to steal your heart!



Our new intern, Abby, puts in some hard work at her new job.


In 2006, only 11% of the animals sent to city shelters made it out alive. Today, in good part due to the efforts of PAWS, that number is nearly 80%. If you want to help PAWS with their important work, there are 4 things you can do: adopt, foster, donate, or volunteer. Big Barker is proud to partner with PAWS in improving the quality of life for the homeless animals of Philadelphia. Please visit to find out more.

Merry Christmas to Thurman, Max, and all of the dedicated staff that bring us closer to the dream of a no-kill Philly every day!


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