Cain's Custom Big Barker Crate

When we saw Cain in his custom Big Barker crate we knew we had to stop and ask him and his owner Amber a few questions!  

Cain the Siberian Husky


Can you tell us a little bit about Cain? 
My Siberian Husky is name is Cain. He is 8yrs old and I adopted him 3yrs ago from an animal rescue I volunteered for. He did however originate from a breeder who surrendered him after he was no longer using him. In my opinion the breeder I believe did not treat him the best. He was underweight and absolutely terrified of everyone (especially men) and everything inside and outside. He didn't know what normal household sounds were (TV, dishwasher, washer and dryer, fans etc.) He didn't know what treats or toys were. When I first brought him home he REFUSED to leave his crate, even to just go outside  to the bathroom. He had to be walked thru the house with a leash just to get him to go outside  to use the bathroom. Luckily with a lot of hard work and patience he is no longer the same anxious and fearful dog he was 3 yrs ago. Today he still has his days where he gets scared and is anxious but those days are a lot more rare and he is over all a very happy and SPOILED boy.
Does Cain love his crate?
He absolutely loves to be in his crate, it is his safe place. He is willingly in his crate 85% of the day, which is left open most of the time.
Does Cain have any special personality traits that you'd like to share with us?
He loves to argue when anyone is eating food, demanding to also have some himself. We call him "The Sass Master."
Cain the Husky
What kind of Big Barker do you have and what kind of crate do you use it with?  
Cain has the large Big Barker (48x30x7) in the color Charcoal. It is a sleek edition and has a custom made crate to fit the bed.
What gave you the idea to make a custom crate for your Big Barker?
Cains previous crate was 42L x 30H and had a bed which was 36L and 4in thick.  Cain is 32in tall from the ground to the tip of his ears. So with the bed in the crate he would have to slouch when sitting up in his old crate. So it was very important to me that with his new custom crate with the Big Barker bed was tall enough he wouldn't have to slouch when sitting up.
Does Cain like his Big Barker crate/home? What does he do to imply that he does?
Cain absolutely loves his big barker bed and his crate. Ever since he got his big barker bed he has been extra sassy and has a little more pep in his step.
What tips do you have for someone else who is interested in making a custom crate for their dog?
I recommend you make sure you do your research on how you want your new custom crate to look, figure out your budget and what materials would be best to use within your budget and what would work best for your dog. Some dogs can be chewers and or destructive so cheaper materials  may not work best for your dog. Cain luckily isn't a chewer so I have no concerns of him chewing on the wood.
Cain in his crate before and after Big Barker
If you could tell Cain one thing and know he would understand it, what would you tell him?
I would tell Cain that I will always love and care for him for the rest of his life and that I would never let anyone hurt him in anyway. He is safe with me always!