Blind Dog and Therapy Cat Get Adopted Into a New Family

The tale of dogs and cats is sometimes full of conflict. However, this story has a different tune. Spike and Max are the best of friends. Spike is an 8-year-old dog who is blind and had his eyes removed due to his painful cataracts and Max has always been by Spike’s side as a support cat to help him find his way through life. Unfortunately for this sweet duo, they were surrendered to the Saving Grace Animal Society in Alberta Canada in January. Workers at the Animal Society assumed that this friendship started when they were living outside and would cuddle together to stay warm in the cold. 


Max’s role as Support Cat for Spike has given Spike the confidence he needs to navigate life. For example, when Spike can smell and feel Max, his body shows less stress.

In early February, the duo was featured on Facebook as they tried to find their forever home. This post resulted in thousands of likes and shares on Facebook and even better… a new home!

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