Is that a Big Barker bed? ...on THE TODAY SHOW!?

Our buddy Wolfgang the Obese Beagle... he's quickly gotten famous for being, well, hmmm… a bit on the tubby side. His previous owner overfed him to where he tipped the scales at a whopping 90lbs! What a lot of weight on such a tiny frame.

Wolfgang was found at the Arizona Beagle Rescue in Phoenix, Arizona, by Erin and Chad, his loving adoptive parents. They’ve got him on a slim-down plan and now, after losing close to 40 lbs… Wolfgang’s getting back to his best as he tries to squeeze back into his high school jeans 😀

When the Today Show saw how Wolfgang was inspiring both dogs (and humans!) to start their own weight loss journeys, they flew an NBC production crew to Erin & Chad’s house, and filmed an adorable segment that aired on the Today Show!

Today Show

And as a surprising bonus, he’s lounging - as you can see - on a Big Barker! We were already proud of Wolfgang, and were especially touched to see that he chose to spread out on his special bed during his big moment 🙂

To keep up with Wolfgang's amazing story, be sure to follow him and his wonderful parents on Instagram!


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