Big Barker Team Celebrates Premiere of "Life at Vet U" With Penn Vet!

Penn Vet rolled out its first-ever red carpet last night to celebrate the premiere of Animal Planet’snew reality series, Life at Vet U. The series follows six Penn Vet students as they complete their demanding fourth year of vet school and takes us behind the scenes of the lives of the dedicated professionals who are on the front lines of caring for some of our most beloved family members. Kerry and I were luckyenough to snag invites to the exclusive event, which featured appearances from several of the show’s stars, open bar and stellarhors d’oeuvres, and a screening of the 45-minute pilotthat took the audience from belly laughsto tears more than once during the show.

If the first episode is any indicator of things to come, this exciting docu-series willgive us insight into not only the rigors of completing one of the most demanding veterinary medicine courses in the world, but also lets us into the personal livesof six fascinating students who have sacrificed everything to become the best at what they do.When your dogis sick, you’re not typically thinking about the doc on the other end—you just want your baby to get well! But this series gives a completely unique view into the long hours, the victories and theheartbreak, and especially the careand compassion thatmake up a veterinarian’s life on a daily basis. It definitely gave us a newunderstanding and a new respect for what it takes to get through a day or a week as a young veterinary doctor.

Kerry Lorhman of Big Barker chatting with Michael J. Fink, Deputy Chief, Tactical Commander, Penn Division of Public Safety, Police Department
Me and Life at Vet U’s own Dr. McDreamy, Clint Kuban. Why do I have to be closing my eyes in this one?!

Penn Vet is a global leader in veterinary medicine education, research, and clinical care.We know firsthand that thePenn Vet community is absolutely incredible. From the donors to the doctors and literally everyone in between, these inspiring people areat the top of their game. We were humbled last night to meet even more of these generous super-humans who go all out for the good of the students and—most importantly—our pets. Big Barker is honoredthat Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital uses our Big Barker beds in many of their departments, including neurology, ICU, surgical oncology, medical oncology, and emergency medicine.

The six-part series Life at Vet Upremieres on Saturday, October 1, 2016, and airs Saturdays at 10pm ET/PT on Animal Planet. We will be on the edge of our seats—you do not want to miss this riveting look at the lives of the people whohave dedicated their lives to saving our pets!

Stars on red carpet
The producers and two of the stars, Clint and Melanie, on the red carpet
Me and Ashley Berke, Penn Vet’s Director of Communications and all-around Superwoman!
Kerry settles in to the screening room—with a glass of red, of course



Melissa Mazzeo

Author, editor, and best friend to Phoebe (pictured) and Finian, both rescued Chihuahua mixes.