Big Barker Goes to the Great Dane Nationals with the Great Dane Club of America

Every year, Great Dane enthusiasts from across the nation gather at the Great Dane Nationals organized by the Great Dane Club of America (GDCA). This prestigious event not only celebrates the magnificent Great Dane breed but also provides a platform for various vendors to showcase their products and services. Among the vendors present, us at Big Barker dog bed were honored to be a brand attending that caters to the comfort and well-being of these gentle giants. We are excited to share our experience as a vendor at the GDCA event in 2023.

The Majestic History of the Great Dane:
The Great Dane's history is as rich and fascinating as the breed itself. While the earliest depictions of dogs resembling the Great Dane date back to 3000 BC in Egyptian tombs, the breed as we know it today was developed in Europe during the 1800s. It was officially declared the national breed of Germany in 1876. Originally used for hunting and even to fight bears and bulls, the Great Dane's role eventually transformed into that of a loyal companion and estate guard dog.

Caring for Your Great Dane:
Great Danes are renowned for their gentle and loving disposition, making them wonderful family companions. To ensure a happy and well-adjusted Great Dane, early socialization and consistent training are crucial. Puppy classes and basic obedience training should be integral parts of your Dane's upbringing.

These gentle giants should be raised as part of the family, not as yard dogs. A secure and fenced yard is essential for exercise and playtime, but they thrive when living indoors with their human family. When it comes to children, teaching them the proper way to interact with a puppy is vital, as is supervising their interactions.

Crate training is also recommended, providing your puppy with a safe space in your home. It helps with housebreaking and ensures your Great Dane feels secure when you're not around. Additionally, proper feeding and nutritional care are essential for their healthy growth and development.

Great Dane Health:
Great Danes are prone to certain health issues, and responsible breeders screen their breeding stock for these conditions. Ethical breeders will often require companion puppies to be spayed or neutered to protect the breed's future. Spaying or neutering can also help in reducing behavioral problems and the risk of cancer.

Vendors at the GDCA Event - Big Barker Dog Beds:
The Great Dane Nationals are a perfect opportunity for vendors to connect with the Great Dane community, and in 2023, Big Barker dog beds was one such vendor. Our mission is to provide the utmost comfort and support for these majestic dogs through high-quality, orthopedic dog beds.

We are incredibly grateful to have been part of this prestigious event and to have the chance to interact with Great Dane owners and enthusiasts. Our orthopedic dog beds are designed to alleviate joint pain and provide optimal support, addressing the unique needs of this giant breed. The enthusiastic response from Great Dane owners at the GDCA event was heartwarming, and we were thrilled to see these magnificent dogs enjoying the comfort of our beds.

Love Margot x Big Barker Giveaway!

We had so much fun hosting our giveaway at the GDCA Nationals! With so many entries we were excited to see who won! We are excited to announce that Earl from San Antonio, Texas has won both the Big Barker bed as well as the clothing from Love Margot! Congratulations, Earl! 

Best of Breed Winner at the GDCA National Specialty

We were honored to be able to witness this beautiful dog win the Best of Breed Class!

Best of Breed at the Great Dane Club of America's National Specialty Show-From the left, Jamie Harshfield, Owner Melisa Ruppert, Lovely, AKA Landmark Divine Acres Kiss Myself I'm so Pretty and Judge Jeff Lawrence. 

Great Dane Nationals
The Great Dane Nationals, organized by the Great Dane Club of America, is a celebration of the Great Dane breed's majesty and history. It's also an excellent platform for vendors like Big Barker dog beds to showcase their products designed specifically for the well-being of these gentle giants. As responsible Great Dane owners, it's our collective duty to ensure these majestic dogs receive the best care and comfort, and events like GDCA Nationals help us achieve that goal. We are grateful for the opportunity to be part of this event and look forward to continuing our support for this incredible breed.

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