Meet the Big Barker Best Friends Contest Winners!

We're excited to introduce you to our 3 winners from last week's Big Barker Best Friends Contest! 

1. Brock + Maddox

Big Barker Winner

“Maddox is the 140lb yellow lab and Brock is the boy 🙂. Maddox just turned 13 on July 4th and Brock will be 11 later this year! They are truly best friends and have been inseparable since Brock was born. Maddox showed a level of protection and love for him I hadn’t ever seen in a dog and baby relationship before and it’s only grown into something even more amazing since. I love taking photos of them together and sharing their story of love so I was more than happy to participate in the contest when I got the email! Also, the Big Barker bed belongs to both of them as it’s the first bed they both can fit comfortably together on so it’s great for so many more reasons than even imagined :)”💙⁣

2. Mary, Bella + Asher

Big Barker Two Dogs

“We have Bella, 14 and arthritic, on the left, and Asher, my one-eared 7-year-old with an old reopening elbow wound, on the right. Both were former bait dogs now living the life of Riley. They usually alternate between the Big Barker and my bed for comfort and cuddles. Since getting their Big Barker, Bella has been more mobile without struggling to get up, and Asher has quit reopening his elbow drain wound. Between the three of us, there are over 350 pounds on the Big Barker and it is nowhere close to being squished into the floor. Thank you for making such a quality product!” 👏⁣

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3. Barrett + Angus

Big Barker outdoors

“Angus is such a sweet Bouvier des Flandres. My favorite thing about Angus is his always happy and loving personality but his snuggles are a very close runner up.” 🥰⁣


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