Arlington Family Finds Missing Dog in Storm Drain

It’s absolutely heartbreaking when something bad happens to your dog, let alone the sinking feeling you get when your dog is lost and you can’t find them. This was the case when Zoe, a 15-year-old lab mix, was missing. Her family of five was absolutely heartbroken when they found out that their deaf dog, Zoe, and their other dog Ameila had escaped from the backyard. According to Andrea, one of Zoe’s owners, the latch on the back gate may not have been closed correctly. Normally, when Zoe and Amelia would escape from the yard they would return on their own, the family reported. However, this time, Zoe did not return, which was very alarming to her family. “I was thinking of the worst case scenario," said Brennan, another member of Zoe’s family.

Because of Zoe’s deafness, there was an entire new set of problems with bringing her home. After calling animal services, the family was starting to lose hope. But almost 24 hours after Zoe had disappeared, someone said they heard a dog around a manhole drain.The echoes of the drain were making it hard to find the exact location of the bark. 

To everyone's surprise, Zoe kept barking, and the rescue team kept working. They worked for nearly 12 hours to try to find and rescue Zoe. Then the Arlington Fire Department arrived at the scene and spent almost 12 hours trying to rescue Zoe. Despite how nervous the family was feeling, they knew they had to trust the fire department. The family knew a miracle was going to happen when the crew began to dig up the street and cut pipes to find Zoe. 

Then a new challenge emerged. Nobody was able to fit through the hole to grab Zoe and bring her out of the pipes! An unusual tool emerged to save the desperate pup: a skateboard. By using a skateboard the firefighters were able to slide into the drain and rescue Zoe. Thanks to the Arlington Fire Department and the bravery of those willing to sacrifice their own time, resources and lives, Zoe finally found her way home.

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