A Trio of Lifeguard Dogs Rescue 14 People Swept Out to Sea

What started as a typical summer beach day nearly ended in tragedy when the weather turned and swept eight children hundreds of feet from the shoreline. 

While the children played on inflatable rafts, strong waves quickly pulled them 330 feet away from the sandy beach. The family called for help and to their surprise, each of their three heroes had 4 legs!


Rescue Dogs


Eros, Mira, and Mya are three Labradors trained through the Italian rescue dog school SIC and were quick to respond to the situation. Thanks to their work, they rescued 14 people in just 15 minutes. These dogs are truly heroes for their hard work and dedication to keeping the Italian beaches safe. Watch the video to see some of the SIC dogs in action. You can also check out the full story here to learn more about this amazing program.


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