4 Year Old Sponsors Adoption of 2 Rescue Dogs with His Allowance

When most four year olds get an allowance they may decide to spend their hard earned money on toys or treats. But when Jaxton got his allowance, he had a different idea. 

Jaxton always had a special place in his heart for animals and was so excited when his mom told him they were going to adopt a dog. After they arrived at the Charleston Animal Society, Jaxton saw two pitbulls, Tank and Penelope, and wanted to bring them home but couldn’t due to military housing restrictions. However, Jaxton didn’t let that stop from helping these sweet pups find their forever home and he decided to donate his allowance to cover their adoption fees. This means these dogs will get their vaccinations, medications, and treatments in order to be adopted — all because of this sweet four year old.

Thanks to Jaxton, Tank and Penelope have already been adopted and the shelter was flooded with sponsorships and several other adoptions.


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